Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 3.1

Posted on: Fri, 11/18/2011 - 00:22 By: VOIP

This is a topic to report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.3.1

If you have any problem please post below. Please indicate your OS and Skype version.

Hi Alexander,
First off can I say congratulations on such a superb piece of software. Simple to use and really great.
I have found a challenge for it which it doesn't seem to be able to handle.... Unfortunately this led to me losing a call today which I really wanted to have had recorded.
The issue arises when I have two skype accounts open - "skype" and "skype /secondary"
It appears that the last instance of skype to be loaded is the only one that gets recorded.
Is there a way that I can make sure that MP3 Skype recorder captures calls from both instances of skype?
Thank you in advance for your time in this.

Unfortunately it is not possible to record two instances of Skype running simultaneously under one windows user account. I'm looking for solution.
Probably if you run second instance of Skype under another user (there is such option in Windows) and second instance of recorder under the same user you will be able to record two Skypes separately. But this was not tested.

Hi I'm running skype I have the latest version of mp3 recording. When I try to record with the Mp3 Recorder I press the recorder and when I'm done I hit stop and when I go to the place where I have them saved they. don't show up. Please help!

 I am using a Pc, and have recorded audio perfectly, but When I renamed two of them to make them easier to find, They will not play in any player (WMP, Realplayer, etc.) What do I do tro retreive these two audio files?

When trying to download the latest version I get two alerts from Windows 7.  One is on the popup just above the task bar, " mp3SkyperecorderSetup.exe in not commonly downloaded and could harm you computer" and the second comes from Norton 360 "mp3skyperecordersetup.exe (WSReputation.1) This threat has been removed.  The end result is that the file will download but not save to the computer without disabling the Anti Virus.  I have tried this on two computers with the same results.

You can use alternative download link
This is zip archive. Extract two files from it and run setup.exe to install recorder.
Some antivirusis are alarming on all exe downloads as potentially dangerous.

Win 7 skype 5.5, after the upgrade of Skype, the recorder all of a sudden can no longer connect to skype, even after a lot of uninstall, reinstall , restart of both program. Now after the first "Error connecting to skype", it no longer even try to connect to skype, no more pop up of the connecting permission thing at all.
Please kindly help.
Many thanks!

Looks like not all components were installed properly, most likely Skype4COM.dll was not registered in system. Please try to uninstall recorder completely, restart and run installation once again. Make sure that your Windows user has sufficient permissions to install programs and to register dynamic libraries.

When i try to use the recorder it gives me the error " Unhandled exception has occurred in your application..." at the end it says "the parameter 'section GroupName' is invalid. Parameter name: sectionGroupName..." If you could help, thank you.

Here are some minor issues:
1. UI layout (Skype Services Links dialog in particulary) is broken when high DPI is set (I have 120dpi)
2. Programm not fully compatible with Vista/Win7: vista folder redirection is applying to default value of "Folder to store skype conversations". So default value is quite unreadable ("c:\Users\<user_name>\AppData\Roaming\MP3 Skype Recorder\") instead of the desktop folder.
Best regards,
Anton Golinko

Is there an interim audio file format (before converting to MP3) that MP3 Skype Recorder records Skype audio to? I'm asking, because during an important Skype call today, the recorder showed that it was recording ... but when the call was over I couldn't find the MP3 file. I've searched the entire hard drive. I've never had a problem with this software before. It's always worked for me.
I'm guessing that maybe the "convert to MP3 process" failed, and the audio recording is still left in some raw audio file format somewhere. Can anyone let me know if there is indeed some interum audio file that is recorded to please, and where I may find it?
The only other thing I did before looking for the MP3 file, was to exit the Skype Recorder software (the call was already finished) ... and then upgraded to the latest version 3.1. But I don't think that caused the problem  as all my other recording files were still in the usual directory.

Audio is recordered to mp3 file on the fly, no temporary files. You can see if the call is actually recording by checking the status string (bottom of recorder window) There should be red figures changing and showing actual size of recording done so far. Please see this message for possible problems with recording.


I installed yesterday. I have since reinstalled Skype because Skype failed to open.Since that reinstallation, MP3 Skype Recorder has failed to connect. I get, "Error connecting to Skype. Did you restart the computer after installation? If the problem persist (sic) please let us know. Report an error."
I just tried repairing MP3 Skype Recorder via the install file, but I'm still getting the error.

I've been using the recorder now for the past few weeks, and for the most part, everything has been ok when I've needed it to be but that's not to say I've been problem free.  Last week I got the message that it couldn't connect to skype.  I downloaded the latest version, restarted the computer, and then everything worked again.  But since yesterday I've had the message "waiting for skype".  I downloaded the "latest" version although I was already working with the latest version of 3.1 and then restarted my computer as recommended.  However, I still have this message and have an important call to record in a few days and need this situation fixed.  Also, I rarely turn off my computer and usually just put it into the sleep mode.  But the last two times in the last few weeks that I've shut down my computer and started it up again, this is when the problems have occured.  Please help me remedy this current problem and also advise me on how to prevent this for the future.  I'm currently using skype

Please check the following:

- open Skype

- Open upper menu

- Go to Tools->Options

- Click Advanced tab in the  window

- Click Manage other programs' access to Skype

- Check that MP3Skyperecorder.exe (could be few entries) is allowed to use Skype, otherwise click Chage to allow access.


I started using the software. I then tried to play the mp3 files and I keep getting the message the file is already in use. I can't even re-name or copy the file. Any ideas?
best regards,

Unhandled exception has occured.... Configuration system failed to initialize.
I uninstalled your software, uninstalled even Skype, reinstalled, same problem.
Search with regedit for any entries left, no success.
I believe it lost the config path to save the videos.
Please reply to if possible.

Please try to delete configuration file manually. You can find the path in error message. Depending on your OS it should be something like
C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Alexander_Nikiforov\MP3_Skype_Recorder.exe_Url_[some letters]\\user.config
[your username] - is your Windows username
[some letters] - letter sequence, looks random.
After deleting user.config restart the recorder. It should recreate the configuration file with default parameters.

 I was making a Skype call with recording turned off at first, before turning it on. Coming to the end of the call I found it had recorded none of it, in spite of the fact that it should "automatically begin recording" an already-commenced call when turned on. Plz fix this, it's incredibly annoying.
(Windows XP, V.

Recording button should be kept pressed for "automatically begin recording".
But you are absolutely right, it should record the call if it is switched ON during the call. I'l check this. Are you using the latest version of recorder - 3.1?

 Hi Alexander,
I've just upgraded to v3.1 of your software and it looks to be connected to Skype fine, and even records on a call, but when I play back the recording, it's blank - i.e. no sound whatsoever. Any ideas?
(Win 7 64-bit & Skype


  • Skype v.
  • OS: Win7Pro, 64Bit
  • MP3Skype recorder, v.

I am having an issue with no sound, so I investigated a bit and this is what I came up with: The MP3recorder always connects to Skype, and is allowed by skype and firewalls, so thats not the issue here. What i experience is this:

  1. Rebooted several times just to rule that out...
  2. Start a voice chat (MP3 recorder picks up the call as it should, and starts to record)
  3. At some point still talking (to the nice testing voice...), open the 'normal' UI for MP3 recorder, and push the "stop recording" button (MP3 recorder comes up with the link to the rendered MP3)
  4. BEFORE stopping the actual voice chat in Skype, i can now listen to the recorded voice chat.
  5. AFTER i stop the chat in Skype (by clicking the "End Call"-button), it seems like it deletes the whole recording leaving MP3 file the right length in seconds, but with no sound when played back (confirmed on both mono, stereo and jStereo)

If i leave out 3, it always renderes a blank mp3 file.

Thanks for reporting. Could you please make a call to Skype test service (Echo123) and end it by clicking End Call in Skype on about 20th second. If it is blank, please send the recording to mail(AT)
Normally it should not be blank, and can't be deleted as the recording is saved to the file on the fly. Probably it is not properly finalized or something like this. Please send me a blank recording sample.
Thank you

I am usng Win 7 and Skype and 3.1 of the recorder and I can hear and record Skype to landline calls, however, when I try to record a video Skype session, I can't hear the other user through my speakers, yet the recorder picks up and records the audio.  I can only see the video with no audio through Skype.

Did you try to switch off the recorder and make a video call. Is it fixing your problem? I'm asking because the recorder should not cause such problem with sound in Skype. MP3 Skype recorder uses official Skype API and just requesting Skype to provide a copy of audio stream to some local port, where it gets it.

 Hi, i hope this is a stupid question, but ive recorded a few skype conversation using this software, but cannot find the saved files anywhere! Ive searched everywhere i can think of, but they just dont seem to exist.. help please?

Click  play mp3 skype recording to open recording folder.

Make sure that recording button is pressed for automatic Skype recording. Did you get popup when you start Skype call saying that it is recording?


  • Skype v.
  • OS: Win7HomePremium, 64Bit operating system
  • MP3Skype recorder, v.

Hi, when i downloaded Mp3SkypeRecorder, there was no access panel in the start of skype and when i did tools>options>advanced>manage other programs, there was no Mp3SkypeRecorder. How do i allow MP3SkypeRecorder access to skype??

Dear Sirs,
i have some trouble because Mp3 Skype Recorder v. 3.1 don't links my Skype version (the last released).
Message "An error occured" is always displayed at program launch. I restarted system, changed version of Skype but.. the same.
O.S. Windows Seven Home Premium
Mp3 Skype Recorder v. 3.1
Spype version

Please gently replay to my question, thank you.
Best regards

Andrea Masera


Tested with latest Skype and it's working fine. Please try to uninstall the recorder and install it again. Possibly the installation was corrupted somehow.

MP3 Skype Recorder has been working great for me, but the last few times it suddenly froze and shut down mid-recording, with an erorr message saying there was a bug in the program and therefore had to close (didn't say anything specific about what kind of bug). Do you know why this is, or if it's in need of an update? Thanks.