Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 1.10.1

Posted on: Fri, 06/24/2011 - 01:25 By: VOIP

This is a topic to report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.1.10.1

If you have any problem please post below. Please indicate your OS and Skype version.

I just installed windows 7, Skype 5.1.0112, MP3 Skype Recorder,
Skype runs with no problems. I enabled access to skype for the MP3 recorder and verified the setting.
Record procedure also working fine. But the record file only contain outgoing (microphone) conversation, there have no incoming (speaker/my partner) data.
That means it can only record one side (outgoing), can't record my partner side (incoming)

 Make sure that both speakers are working on your computer. The recording is stereo one channel should contain your voice, the other incoming speaker's voice. Alternatively you can use mono mode.

Additionally make sure that MP3 Skype recorder is not interfering with other Skype recorders, like Parental Skype recorder

 Hi I have an agent in the Philippines trying to use Skype recorder. She is running Windows 7, Skype and MP3 Skype Recorder She's getting the message waiting to connect to Skype. We've been through the Tools -> options -> advanced -> manage programs on Skype but for some reason the call recorder is not showing in the programs.
 We've been though the setup and reinstalled a couple of times with no luck. It works fine on my system and the only difference is that I am using XP.
Any suggestions ? 

If it does not show in "Manage other program's access to Skype" that could be:
- some personal firewall blocking connection between recorder and Skype. Check that it is not an issue.
- for some reason Skype4Com.dll was not installed correctly during MP3 Skype recorder installation. Fix it manually.

  • Download
  • Unzip 2 files from archive to 'C:\Program Files\MP3 Skype Recorder' and run register.bat file
  • Restart the computer

I just installed the current version today. I tried recording. I verified that Skype allows this program. (At first I got the warning message, so I allowed your software, then I double checked in advanced.)
I click record and nothing happens!  BTW -- it is a regular phone call for a course I am taking and I am using Skype to call. They are using Acrobat program to record.  A timer/scheduler  would help to automatically record, in my case 9:30 - 10 M-F.

Thank you very much!

Hi, just installed MP3 Skype Recorder v on Vista Home Premium and Skype
I've tested it with the "test call" but the software doesn't record anything. It also doesn't issue any type of warning. Only thing: it tends to freeze and I have to wait long before I can turn the "recording" off.
Thanks for any hint,

Hi, I just allowed Skype to update to v and now I keep getting an "MP3 Skype Recorder load error" - says "No skype detected or your skype version doesn't have skype extras..."  I'm not exactly sure what version of MP3 I have, but it would be up to date if it prompts for updates. Otherwise, not that old - was reinstalled within 4 months.  Please help, I rely on this all the time. Thanks!

Please try the following:

  • fully uninstall MP3 Skype Recorder
  • go to "c:\Program Files\MP3 Skype recorder" folder (or any other folder you've installed it to) and delete any files if left after uninstallation
  • download the latest version of MP3 Skype recorder v 1.10.1 and install it

Does it mean that latest version of MP3 Skype Recorder don't





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require Skype Extras?
Actually, it's possible to download the latest version of Skype WITH Extras from their site, but by default they are disabled now, right. So, it's just great if this program works without Extras. Please confirm.

I have been trying this to work im using windows 7 64bit no service pack skype version skype and when i try and install it it gives me an error: Error 1001. Could not load file or assembly 'sottbls.nlp' or one of dependencies the system cannot find the file specified-->Could not load file or assembly 'sorttbls.nlp' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the specified-->Failure has occured while loading a type
please help.

i downloaded the skype recorder. everything seems ok. however, i don't have the icon to click record. how do i add it to my start up menu?

SkypeRecorder fails to write to folder when it contains non-latin letters.
I just have LOST very important conversation due to this issue! =(((((((((((

  • Vindows Vista Ulimate 32bit English
  • All .NET versions are installed (2.0, 3.0, 3.5 at least)


  1. Run Skype Recorder
  2. Change destination folder to c:\test\КИРИЛЛИЦА\
  3. Start call with Skype Test Echo Service
  4. Skype Recorder will display message box with following Error just at start of conversation: "Error creating destination file". No other info provided! (It's very BAD not to display error details! Exception.Message at least must be provided.)

Expected behavior:
File is succesfully created and the dialog is succesfully written to the disk.
Everything works when SR is configured to use latin-only file path like this: c:\test\LATIN\
It's 21st century and it's .NET with native Unicode support after all! I am VERY disappointed with the issue. =(
Best regards!

Thanks for the report. I've checked this and confirm problem with non-latin folder name.
Temporary solution:
Use latin letters only in destination folder name.
We are working on this.

 Hi everybody! I have the same problem for 1 month and do not know how to solve it. OS - Windows 7 Ultimate, Skype Mp3 Skype Recorder connected with Skype, I made a new destination file (latin characters) but it does not help. On other PCs it was OK (Windows XP, SP3). Now I do not know whether I must shift to XP?
By the way, some my friends (W 7 Ultimate) have this bug as well.

 I have been using MP3 Skype Recorder for a while, and it's been working great. But when I tried it at my parents', even if I select a bitrate higher than 24kbps, it still records at 24kbps.
Windows 7 SP1

 Hi there, just installed the program, and tried to record two of my friends in a conference call, but after finishing the recording, and having checked the file, you could only hear myself, and not anyone else. 

Can you hear others if it is not conference, but regular call?
Check if both speakers are working, the recording is stereo and your voice should be from one speaker and your friends' voices from the other.
I'll try to recreate the issue. Could you please describe how you organize conference who was calling? was it call to both friends simulteniously or one was added to conference later?

I'm having an issue with it recording only my voice and not the other parties on the call.  I  started having this problem about a month ago it looks like from my recorded calls but just noticed now when I went to listen to them.  
Everything worked prior to this.  You did great work on this product and would love to get it running again.  Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance for your help,

 i get an error 1001,could not load file or assembly 'sorttbls.nlp or one of its dependencies please help.

I just downloaded MP3 Skype Recorder and I'm using windows XP and Skype   version 5.3.0 120. It installed fine and I made sure my firewall allows acess, but when I click on Skype Recorder icon, nothing happens -- the interface does not appear. I even tried accessiung from PROGRAM FILES, but the program won't launch there either.

Check your system tray, the program is probably started, by default it is starting automatically. Double click the icon in system tray to open the program window.

 I used it yesterday on Windows XP...I could hear the person I was talking to, but couldn't hear myself on the recording.




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Hello I just installed MP# Skype recorder
And I can not get it to work in mono or joint stereo.
I have tried switching before and after starting the recording.
If I switch to ether and close the program when re started it is set to stereo.
Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit

How do I get it so that both of our voices are in both of the earbuds?
Its annoying with one voice in each ear.

What a great application you wrote. Thank you.
I would like to inform you of a GUI issue.
My specs:
I have a Win7-64 box, all .NET frameworks are updated and am using the laters version of your software (at this point it is Resolution: 1920x1080
The Problem:

1- The message bar cannot be read properly
2- The white box on the top where some messages appear is also messed up when it is showing the messages (not shown in the above image)
3- The left border is overlaping with the links
5- The bottom-right corner, where you grab the tool to resize the window, does not resize anything (is totally fixed)
What I tried:
1- I tried it in compatibility mode: Win XP SP3
2- I tried to run in under 800x600 res.
Neither of these had any effect on how the GUI looked like.
Any thoughts on this?
Thank you again.
Best regards!

Left out from the previous post:
Here is a snapshot of the application when it is opened.

Did you check the recordings? If no recordings in destination folder then check the following:
Go to Skype upper menu Tools->Options.
Click Advanced Tab in the new window and click Manage other programs' access to Skype.
Check that MP3 Skype recorder is Allowed to use Skype.

Everytime I record the call of any kind it never saves it properly, it saves as 0 bytes.
OS: Windows 7 Home Edition 64bit
Skype Version:

Could be one of two reasons:
- most usually it would be personal firewall blocking connection between Skype and Skype recorder
- could be two recorders trying to record simultaneously, like MP3 Skype recorder and Parental Skype recorder.

The two reasons you gave me are irrelevant because there is no firewall preventing then connection nor that I have Parental Skype Recording, plus I found out it doesn't Post-record properly through group calls when recording in conference (Mostly when you're the host).