Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 3.1

Posted on: Fri, 11/18/2011 - 00:22 By: VOIP

This is a topic to report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.3.1

If you have any problem please post below. Please indicate your OS and Skype version.

 it simply does not record.
win7 x64,  skype bussiness

Check that you have allowed access to Skype for MP3 Skype recorder.

- Open Skype
- Click Tools in the upper menu and choose Options from a dropdown list
- Click Advanced tab on the right
- There should be 'Manage other programs' access to Skype', click it
- Find MP3 Skype recorder in the list and check that it is marked "Allowed to use Skype"
- if not, click Change and save new settings.

I'm running Win 7 64 bit, Skype v5.5.0.124.
When I open the 'Manage other program's access to Skype' dialogue box, the list is blank. The Change and Remove buttons are visible, but greyed out. Only the Ok button is active.
Do I need to change a setting somewher?
Many thanks,

Have just installed MP3 Skype recorder linked it to Skype, however, it records whoever I am talking to very clearly, but hardly records my own voice. Any ideas what is going on?

I have the problem with installing MP3 Skype Recorder v.3.1:
After pressing "Next >" in "Select Installation Folder" window I gat the error message: "Error reading from file .....\MP3SkypeRecorder.msi. Verify that the file esists and that you can access it."
I have tried to run setup under admin rights, but it did not help.
Could you please help on this?

MP3 skype recorder is an excellent program and works really well, but I have one small problem.
There seems to be a issue with MP3 skype recorder (v3.1) if you have lame installed separately.  After I have installed the lame MP3 add-on for audiograbber (, the mp3 skype recorder gives the error message "Error connecting to Skype. Did you restart the computer after installation?" before closing.  Uninstalling the lame MP3 add-on solves the problem.
Can the MP3 skype recorder be modified so that it always uses the lame_enc.dll that is in its own folder, so that it does not crash if lame is installed elswehere?
Many thanks

 hi.I have the skype n its working perfect......i need to record my calls n send it to my senior executive.....initially i could send it and she was able 2 hear but since a week now whenever i am sending my recordings to her she isnt able to hear it....i can hear it in winamp/realplayer/windows media player but she cant in either of the audio softwares....i hav the latest version of skype n i hear my calls on winamp player latest version.....pls help its urgent....thanks,Qurrat

 i am running windows 7 currently all other programs runs fine nothing with that but when i go to install it i pick where i want to install and click next then i get this
error 1001 execption occurred while initializing the instillation
ststem. configureation configurationErrorsExecption. configuration ststem failed to initialize
please help i really want this program

 If someone leaves, the recording secretly breaks. This is even when I pause before they leave and start up again. So, the recording breaks regardless if I pause to allow someone to leave. I've lost a lot of recordings because of this. It needs to be patched please. 

There will be significant changes to the part responsible for Skype to MP3 Skype recorder communication in next version, I'm currently working on. Will do my best to fix all above.

I have been using Skype MP3 earlier versio to 3.1. Unexpectedly the programme got inactive. Installed V3.1 a few times. Every time trying to run the programme error dialogue windo pops up. I am using Windo 7 Operating system. I did not have any issue till mid Dec 2011. Now I am unable to use Skype MP3 Recorder V3.1. Please advise how to resolve the issue to enable me to re-use the Sound reocrding facility from V3.1.

Hey, I started recording every call I've ever had around about 6 months ago, this was as far as I was aware, working great, but I just went to listen to one of the files and I can only hear myself speaking and no one else? The stereo option is on but I hear my voice in both ears and no one else's in either headphone. Any help would be great! alot of recordings of about 8 hours MUST be save :(

 i tried downloading it again after up dating my OS its windows 7 and im getting the new versoin of the recorder 3.1 and i click next and i get the 
error message 1001 exeption occured while initializing the installation: system.Configuration. ConfigurationErrorsException: Configuration system failed to initialize 
i cant find anything to fix it and im super sad face right now.

I moved my laptop during call recording and Skype Call Recorder stopped working (I think that because of hard drive protection).
It seems that the reason is that Skype Call Recorder writes mp3 file on the fly, directly to the hard drive, without bufferization.
Hereby one is chained to one place while recording a call.
OS: Windows 7 x64, Skype

 I have installed MP3 Skype Recorder v.3.1 a few times. Each time I get a box that says error.  Once clicked on it, the recorder closes.  I am using Windows 7, and have checked everything that needs to be updated.
Do I need to try an earlier version?

 This looks like a great program according to comments and reviews available over the internet. I tried to give it a try but I got the Error connecting to skype. I added the program to the firewall and set skype to use it but nothing seems to work. Then, I realized the problem is skype 5.5 is no more including extras manager. Can you please let me know which is the latest version of skype compatible with MP3 skype recorder and please confirm this is actually the problem and there is no workaround about that? Somewhere is said that you can add the extra manager on top of your current version of skype but couldn't find how and find the add-on over the internet.  
I would really like to use your software (I'm a journalist). Any hint will be really appreciated.

quite surprisingly, after reinstalling mp3 skype recorder and restart my macbook it seems to work fine. You have no idea how many problems you solved to me with your application... I tried very many expensive h/w solution before finding a s/w that actually WORKS.
You were right and I was wrong: it doesn't need anything else even with the latest version of skype. Thanks so much again. I would suggest you keep this s/w as it is, not adding fancy feature but just improving reliability and compatibility. It is just perfect!

Автор – sorry, я тут сгоряча обругал тебя – сейчас вроде разобрался с программкой – вроде как работает…….
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Not bad program - it works !

From a google search I ended up here. My question is can I record the other party's voice during a skype conversation with your program?
If yes, what settings I will need to use, mic or stereo mix in recording devices?

Either stereo or mono will record both partys' voices. The difference is in channel splitting. Stereo - your voice is in one channel and the person you talk to is in another. In mono mode both voices are mixed in one channel. Usually it is more convenient to edit recording or understand noised/low voice if it is in separate channel like in stereo mode.

 i have been having problems downloading this program on to my computer. i did it on a friends and it worked perfect. heres a link to the video showing everything that happens. just full screen and 720p it
i cant wait to get this program working!!!

Corrupted .NET Framework files could cause this. If you google this error you would find a lot of users reporting similar error with any sort of software and installers. Usually complete reinstalling of .NET Framework could help.

 This is literally one of the best skype recorders on the internet, yet because of the latest update we can't use it please fix the framework problem.

The .NET Framework version requirements didn't change since last version. It is .NET Famework v.2. It was intentionally left the same to allow user with no later .NET Framework to use the record without upgrading. Unfortunately this applies some limits on UI design.
Could you please describe the problem you've mentioned. Errors if any. If there are Details button on the error dialog, please press it and copy-paste the full error text.

I love the program works great.  I have 2 questions though.
1.     I keep getting a message to update but when I do it still tells me to update.  Am I doing something wrong or forgeting to do something?
2.     Is there a way to set it so that it automatically records because I can't find way to designate this?
I use skype to do all of my calling for one of my clients and have used other programs that do offer this option but really like how simple your program is.