Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 3.1

Posted on: Fri, 11/18/2011 - 00:22 By: VOIP

This is a topic to report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.3.1

If you have any problem please post below. Please indicate your OS and Skype version.

My current settings are mono, 32 bit:  I sound fine... however the caller on the other end (this case a cell phone) has a loud high pitch (like a screech) everytime they talk (NOTE:  this is only on the playback, not during the live call).  Please advise?  I've tried stereo and 128 settings.


Recording comes on but doesn't ahow me (as it usually does) that I am recording (usually it shows how many kbits etc I have recorded) and it is not safed as mp3s in my folder. and when I rename the unknown file as an mp3 it shows o bites. HELP!!!

 HERE'S HOW TO RECOVER -OLD- ZERO KB (0Kb) non-mp3 files!!

1. Download and install Winamp (I use v5.63, Classic skin).
2. Set it to automatically open mp3 files (filetype association).
3. (optional but recommended) Add checkmark on Winamp -> Preferences -> File Types -> Enqueue files on double click.
4. Record a new short voice call with MP3 Skype Recorder as you normally do, with the same friend you want to recover old recordings from.
5. End the voice call, and click on MP3 Skype Recorder's pop-up ("Recorded call")
6. Winamp should automaticaly open the file. You sould be able to hear the "new short voice call" from step 4. (You may need to double click on the file in Winamp's Playlist to be able to hear it)
7. Right click on the file in the Playlist, and select "Playlist entry"
8. Identify the (very long) mp3 filename, in the text field labeled "old". (Winamp shows the file's COMPLETE filename, that cannot be seen normally in Windows' file explorer. This is exactly why I ask you to download specifically Winamp and not any other media player!!)
9. Identify the colon (":") punctuation sign in the long filename. (This symbol is what is causing all the trouble)
10. Copy/add to your clipboard the colon (":"), and everything that is after it. (Example:  ":ac4_vg6mjk9zda6_6snq.mp3") (I recommend you also pasting and saving this string into notepad, word, etc.; this string only works for all voice calls from the same contact). You may click on "Cancel" now (in the "Playlist entry" dialog box).
11. Add the old broken 0Kb non-mp3 file into Winamp's playlist. There's many ways to do this: i.e. You can drag and drop the file from windows'explorer to Winamp's playlist.
12. Right click on the broken file in Winamp's playlist, and select "Playlist entry".
13. In the field labeled "new", paste (add, do not replace) the clipboard contents (in my example: ":ac4_vg6mjk9zda6_6snq.mp3") to the end of the filepath-filename. Click on "OK".
14. In Winamp's Playlist, double-click on the "broken" file. Now you can hear your old conversation within Winamp!
15. (optional) Download, install and configure a Winamp output plugin (I use "LAME mp3 Writer") that converts everything that is played in Winamp into a new sound file, so it can be recognized by Windows and other media players.

16. If you followed step 15., Your new mp3 file is normal and can be opened and saved anywhere!! :)

I've been using Skype Recorder for more than 6 month now, and hadn't had a problem until now. After i started using Wireless Headset, Skype recorder started to record only few seconds (at best) of my calls. Please Help!
Windows XP

Could be a skype access confilict. Please try to open Skype->Tools->Options->Advanced tab->Manage others' access to Skype and change permission for Wireless headset to see if it makes any difference. Normally wireless headsets don't cause such problem. I'm using Plantronics myself with no problems. But sometimes software coming with such devices provide some additional functionality that could be the reason of this behaviour.

Hi Alexander,

Thanks for the great software. I have been using it for quite sometime now and it has been a great experience. However, I just started encountering an issue which brings me here.

I have been witnessing one-way recording over the last few days. My voice is not being recorded when I am calling up, or, answering a call. The voice clips generated carries the audio of the individual at the remote end ONLY. My MIC settings seem to be ok as I have not received any complaints on my voice / video calls.

I will be grateful if you could help me resolve this issue.

My OS - Win XP SP3
Skype version

Thanks and Cheers!

Sometimes it doesn't record any calls at all. Sometimes it records only outcoming calls, but incoming.
I can't reproduce it.
Rerun helps, but it is so annoying when you think it will record a call but it doesn't and when you try to rerun it in a hurry - the talk had finished.

The issue can be interrelated with computer sleep mode (as non-trivial reason).
OS: Windows 7 (x86), skype recorder version: 3.1

hello dear ones,
when opening or closing mp3 skype recorder a dialog box appears refering microsoft .net frame work unhandled exeptions asking continue or quit for just intime debugging. My OS is  WIN XP SP2.Skype vertion is 5.8Kindly help

I am having the same issue. If I click Continue, MP3 Skype Recorder seems to open and run normally, but I have not attempted to record a call yet. The error message begins as follows:

Microsoft .NET Framework
Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click Quit, the application will close immediately.

Failed to save settings: An error occurred loading a configuration file: Unable to open file
'C:\Users\............\\user.config' for writing because it is read-only or hidden.

This is just the beginning. The details are quite lengthy.

P.S. I am using Windows 8 and Skype version


I have installed MP3 Skype Recorder v.3.1, and I already have skype v 6.3. 
The problem is that it didn't ask for any authorization from skype. I also went to advanced settings and clicked on "manage other program access to SKype" but there was no programs there. 
What should I do?  

Thanks in advance

Hi, I had the same problem (skype not recognizing the recorder), I restarted my computer and it would not restart at all! I had to restore my computer to before I installed the recorder to get it to work again. I have windows 7 and latest skype version. Im looking now into other recorders. just wanted to let you know

I have a similar problem to the other users.   I have the most recent version of skype and MP3 recorder on Win7, and the recorder can't connect.   Multiple reboots tried.   Ran the dos prompt commands successfully.    Still get "could not connect to skype".  Any advice?

I installed this program last week and gave it a test run by recording a short conversation with my friend.

First I couldn't find the folder where the file was saved because I can't find users/stephanie/appdata as an existing folder, but when I did a search for "appdata" the file showed up.

To avoid the confusion of a folder that didn't even show up under users/stephanie (and when I rigth click there is no option for "show hidden folders"), I just created a new folder in the c drive called "skype convos" and changed that to the destination folder on MP3skype recorder.

I had an important interview to record today.
The program has been allowed by skype, it was allowed through my windows firewall (however only on private/ not "public" if this makes a difference), and during my conversation the MP3 recorder said "recording on"

It's not in the destination folder I created. 
It's nowhere to be found.

Please help.

 i have used this for a long time and found it great, lately ive been getting a configuration error and it wont recorded any calls, or load up without seeing this message. I have the latest skype , and have tried uninstalling the program many times, any ideas?

 I have the latest version on Skype and MP3 Skype Recorder.

I am having difficulties to record conversation with a specific Skype User who has the latest version on Skype.  The recorder start without any problem but the MP3 file does not contain any data at the end of the recording 0K.  What can I do in other to prevent this to happen since I really do need those recordings?

Thanks for sharing ideas to solve this problem !


There is a bug with accounts using messenger login (live:username format). When the program try to write the file it fails.

The colon is a illegal character so the empty file created end up like this 'XXX time XXX Incoming Peer-to-Peer Call live' missing username and the extension.

Hope it helps 


I have been using an older version of skype call recorder v with skype v6.3.0.105 and windows 7 for the last couple months successfully. Unfortunately, I went to record calls today and nothing appeared in the designated folder after the skype call was concluded. The call recorder was set to record and after doing some more tests I could not get it to produce an MP3. Only after deleting some of the previous recorded MP3 files in the folder did another recorded MP3 show up, but only new ones and not the previous ones from earlier in the day that were important. Is it possible that they were sent somewhere else or stored as a different file format and still possible to recover? Or did no recordings occur? Any suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated.


All recordings are done directly to mp3 file, there are no temporary storage for recordings. Do you have enough free space on your drive? Please also consider moving to latest version of recorder 3.1. This version shows recording progress (size of file) so you can control if the recording is actually done.


I downloaded  and installed your software a month or so ago and have the latest Skype version.  It is recognized and allowed by Skype, but it does not record. It doesn't even show up in the system tray when I'm on a Skype call.  When I click on  the .exe , it will appear in the system tray only, but then disappears after a few seconds.  If I hover my cursor over it while the icon is still visible in the tray to try to open the software, it quickly disappears.  I've never even been able to open and SEE the actual software to configure it because of this. I'm using xp sp2 with your mp3recorder enabled as an exception in Windows firewall.  I've also uninstalled and reinstalled it.

Any clue what's causing this?

I am unable to find the recordings of calls with one of my contacts.  A month ago there was no problem.  My contact is calling from an iPad, it does not matter who initiates the call.  I am using Windows 7 and the latest skype version.  I am able to record the echo test call and other contacts calls.   

Hello Mr. Nikiforov

Call Recorder works for some time after it starts. It will record calls fine for a while. Then, without warning it dies and goes away. It has never died while recordings were being made. I suspect Outlook may contribute to the problem but I don't know why. I'm running 64bit Windows 7. Outlook is from Office 2003. I'm using Skype 6.5.

I'm having trouble locating the MP3 files after recording a call. My OS is Windows 7 and my Skype version is I've followed the instructions for locating files, but when I get to the MP3 file, it shows empty. I also tried changing the file location to something easier to find in my documents, but file still shows empty after I press the stop recording button. The MP3 Skype Recorder screen shows the call connected to Skype and recording. Any thoughts about why my computer is not capturing the files?
Thank you!

I use Vista and the most recent version of Skype. Last night, when testing the recorder ahead of conducting an interview, everything was working fine. During the interview, which lasted a couple of hours, everything again seemed fine; all the indications were that the conversation was being recorded and there were no technical difficulties. However, after finishing the call and going into the folder where the recording should have been, there was no MP3 file. Please, please, please can anyone suggest a good solution to this issue and help me retrieve the a really important recording?

MP3 Skype Recorder has been AWESOME until sometime in May. I didn't realize it had stopped recording until today. 

I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version. Now, it says it is connected to Skype, but does not start recording automatically. What happened to auto record?

Skype n6.5.0.158
Windows 7 Professional SP1

Rebuilt computer and new install of all programs MP3 SR installs but just stops working when i try to run it. Tried re-installs diffrent settings/ versions etc.



Skype Recorder 3.1

This has never worked for me on any version of Skype.  I'm trying to record in Joint Stereo and it will only record in Stereo, regardless of settings.  I have to manually make conversations into true stereo via Audacity or similar program.  Is there something I'm doing wrong or is there a bug in Recorder?


I have Windows 7 Home Premium, Skype I installed MP3 Skype Recorder v 3.1 today twice, but it does not link with Skype. Skype client did not ask about any permission and in Skype advanced options I did not see this programm. Both programs are working, but really don't see each other))) And nothing was recorded.  I can't understand this trick. 
It was blocked by Windows, I restarted and allowed to run. now it works! Все нормально)))  

I've been using MP3 Skype Recorder for about 3 days. Today, I go to record a call between me and a few of my friends and the file for the call is just a file, not and mp3 and it has no file size. I've made sure my firewall isn't blocking it and I've alowed access to skype. I am currently using Skype version


I am receiving the following error when trying open MP3 Skype Recorder V 3.1.

Any ideas?

Assembly Version:
Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5467 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Drawing/
Assembly Version:
Win32 Version:
CodeBase: file:///C:/Program%20Files/MP3%20Skype%20Recorder/Interop.SKYPE4COMLib.DLL
Assembly Version:
Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5473 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Configuration/
Assembly Version:
Win32 Version: 2.0.50727.5473 (Win7SP1GDR.050727-5400)
CodeBase: file:///C:/Windows/assembly/GAC_MSIL/System.Xml/

************** JIT Debugging **************
To enable just-in-time (JIT) debugging, the .config file for this
application or computer (machine.config) must have the
jitDebugging value set in the section.
The application must also be compiled with debugging

For example:

When JIT debugging is enabled, any unhandled exception
will be sent to the JIT debugger registered on the computer
rather than be handled by this dialog box.d

Great program, Alexander.   I especially appreciate the Stereo mode so I can adjust the volume of each person later for broadcast editing.  That's a brilliant feature.

I downloaded and used it yesterday with no problem, but my business partner is having trouble putting it on her PC.  She installed it and it's telling her it "Cannot connect to Skype".  We did go to "Tools > Options > Advanced > Manage other programs, etc, but MP3 Skype Recorder is not showing up anywhere to allow access to.  How can we get the two programs to "see" each other?