Advanced recording settings

Open advanced recording settings

Click on the current recording audio settings string to expand view and to get access to recording settings controls.
Recording settings
Click on the Advanced recording settings. This should open additional screen shown below
advanced mp3 skype recorder audio settings


Available settings

  • Record from Skype API when available - the recorder will try to get audio via Skype API. The is default behavior. Unfortunately Skype API sometimes fail to provide audio. If it fails the recorder switch to backup strategy to get audio directly from audio system. This could lead to 2-4 second delay of recording commence.
    Note: Skype preview (Windows 10 UWP app) has no Skype API hence this settings makes no difference in this case.
  • Detect microphone and speakers to record automatically - if it is checked and the recorder is NOT recording via Skype API the recorder will try to detect audio devices automatically. Sometimes it can be problematic. 
    If one side of call (you or your opponent) is not recorded (see FAQ) untick this box and choose microphone and speakers manually from dropdown lists with all available audio sources on your PC.