Recorder status bar. Real-time recording monitor.

Status bar - the area on the bottom of the main MP3 Skype recorder window.MP3 Skype recorder status bar

Two main functions:

  • General recorder status - green area to the left. Shows if automatic recording is set to ON/OFF and Skype instances detected and monitored by MP3 Skyper recorder. Please see the Recording topic for details how to set automatic recording ON/OFF
  • Call recording progress - once the call is detected and recording is started you should see "Recording a call" sign on the status bar as shown above as well as start of recording alert.
    In a few second you should see red sign with actual recording file size. E.g. on the screen show above ">> Recording, file size 172 Kb". The size should be updating every 3-5 second showing recording progress. This allows to double check if the recording is actually put down to mp3 file.