Recording settings

Current recording settings are shown on the main screen of MP3 Skype recorder.
MP3 Recording_settings

  • Sample rate is the number of samples of audio carried per second, measured in Hz. 16000 and 44100 the most widely used settings for audio. We recommend to use 16000Hz. 
  • Bit rate refers to the number of bits processed per unit of time. It is measured in kilobits per second. The more bit rate the bigger file size and better audio quality. Low bit rate is absolutely OK for recording calls/speech. We recommend to use 32 or 64 Kb.
  • Mode. There are two modes mono and stereo.
    • Stereo - your voice in one channel and the person's you are talking to from another. Please make sure that both speakers are working. Otherwise you will not hear on side of conversation
    • Mono - both voices are mixed to one channel.


Changing audio settings

Click audio settings string shown on the screenshot above to expand view and to get access to settings controls.
MP3 Skype recorder settings