Changing sample rate

Posted on: Sat, 07/17/2010 - 12:34 By: VOIP

Q: MP3 Skype recorder creates records with 16000Hz sample rate. Could this be changed?  I need 44100Hz.

A: The sample rate 16000 was chosen as it covers the actual sample rate of sound stream Skype is
providing. Increasing of sample rate will not add quality to the records.
Nevertheless you can change it manually by changing setting in C:\Program
Files\MP3 Skype Recorder\MP3Recorder.ini file.
Make dwReSampleRate = 44100  (original rate 16000)
Note: do NOT change dwSampleRate, leave it 16000
It should look like this now:
dwSampleRate = 16000
dwReSampleRate = 44100

When I look for the file in C:\Program Files\MP3 Skype Recorder\MP3Recorder.ini file

I don't even see the program listed. Where is this program hidden? I have spent an hour looking for it.
I really need to change the bit rate is too low for my taste....any way to do that? I need it at 128kbps.

UPDATE: I do see now where you can make these changes right within the app window...much better! Thank You!