Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 4.3

Posted on: Mon, 02/10/2014 - 19:37 By: VOIP
  This is a topic to report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.4.3
If you have any problem please post below. Please indicate your OS and Skype version. 

Hi, Win7 Home Premium SP1 64bit / Skype, Windows Firewall turned off. I can see the start and stop recording call notifications, but then I get a ~500 byte file with no sound in it.

Please help.

Hello MP3 Skype Recorder 4.3

First, thank you for your time in this project. I appreciate it. I have a problem where I made a very important interview recording yesterday, and instead of saving the recording itself , it only saved an .id3tag file. I made a successful test recording right before the interview, and I did another interview today without problem. As soon as the interview ended, I got the little notification that the interview had been saved. But no .mp3 was saved, only an id3tag file. So Ì have only a file called: 2014_02_24 16-01-13 (my Skype name) Outgoing to (their Skype name)[space].mp3.id3tag
A couple of potentially relevant details, I had it save to a dropbox file, and the file was over 30 mb. Windows 8.1 Skype

I’ve searched for *.mp3 everywhere and nothing. Of course, only the really important call recording is missing :(

Any ideas?

 Morning Alexander,

Sorry to hijack this thread, I could not enter text into the comment box

MP3 recorder 4.3
Win 7 Enterprise sp1

seems to be recording but cannot play the mp3 file get message "" from windows media player

I understand you no longer use the api so I dont need to authorise the mp3 recorder, it doesnt appear in the skype authorise list
I am not sure what I need to check or do for the monitoring of the sound channel.
I tried installing while logged in as administrator
Anything else I can do?

Thanks shiva


Well, I have a video game podcast that 8 years old, and this software just made me fail a recording for the fist time in all that time, with the same problem as above.
Big shame for me, I used your 4.3 version on windows 7 last week for the first time flawlessly, however now im have to miss my first ever show because for some reason it recorded 36 mins, and just cut off.

But like poster above, I too have an idtag file in the folder as well.?
So has my show gone forever, or is it hidded?.

And you really need a visual aid to show the software either working fine, or stopped.
hopefully you guys will sort it.

in the mean time, can i recover my entire file or not?


No errors to report. Just a question.

Skype has been displaying a warning that the call recorder (and other apps which rely on the Skype API) will cease to function with effect from December 2013. We're already 2 months past that deadline and I'm happy to report that the call recorder still functions perfectly. But I'm nervous. Are we about to lose the service through something Microsoft has done to Skype?

I'm having a problem where my windows audio is captured in the skype call. That means any music I'm playing, system sounds, and in this case my screen reader. It seems like it's just grabbing everything that comes through my sound device. I can fix this by using a dedicated audio device for Skype, but this really isn't practical the way I do things. Is there anything I can do about this? I'm going to try and go back to the older version to see if using the API helps, but this is just another recorder in the long list I've tried in an attempt to find a good one. MX Skype Recorder does the very same thing, for some reason. I'm absolutely positive my stereo mix isn't selected, and I actually have a call recording to echo test where the skype recorder hears system sound, but echo test does not, proving it's not accurately recording the call. If anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it. For now I'll try installing the old version to see if it helps at all.

Also, this is less of a problem, but it would be really great if you guys either had a text-based captcha of some sort, or an audio option. Doing it with a screen reader is basically impossible, and the only reason I can post this comment at all is because of things like CaptchaMonster, addons which send the captchas to humans to solve.

THis is to report an error. tryied to post a new comment but didn't work, so I'm replying to another comment. Sorry for the unhortodox method.

Quickly, my 4.3.0 installation on Windows 7 works pefectly but I can't see anymore the interface. recordings take place, but no way to bring on the interface clicking on the toolbar or running the exe. I tried to reinstall without luck. When I first intalled the software a cpl of weeks ago I was able to see the interface.


I am having the very same problem. I have tried opening the program from every source to no avail. Can't change any settings such as bit rate or mono vs stero. Any solutions?

 Probably the window stuck out off screen. Please see the following post on microsoft website


I too was unable to post a new comment.  The window just went slightly dimmed out and unresponsive, and the textbox would not accept any text.  So I am replying to this comment with essentially the same experience as maurizio55.

I am having the same problem as a few others using v4.x.  This is the inability to be able to open a window with the recorder console.  It shows in miniature when the cursor hovers over the icon in the taskbar.  But clicking the icon does not open the window.  A few potential fixes have been posted here including deleting a file in appdata/local and installing a new version from scratch.  Neither of these routes have worked in my case.  I am using recorder v4.3, skype and windows 7 professional. 

Apart from this bug I would like to say how useful it is to have all skype calls recorded.  Mostly I don't need to ever go back and listen to a call but just occasionally it's a really good way of getting the truth of who said what!



Having a problem with Skype Recorder 4.3 on Windows 8.1

Was working without issue on Windows 7.

I have now moved onto a Windows 8.1 laptop (which is running Skype, and now the record does not recognise any instances of Skype on my machine (which I can guarantee there are)

I suspect that this is a problem caused by the version of Skype installed.  Unfortunately, this is the only version of Skype that you can install on Windows 8.1 (going to the Skype site, simply re-directs you to the Windows store)

Are there any plans to address this, is there a  beta release etc


 I am having the same problem. I have Windows 8.1 and downloaded 4.3, restarted Skype, tried calling and nothing happens. Have assigned storage to a file on my hard drive, but nothing comes up.  Your Skype Recorder page is there, says it is on automatic, but no first time anything.
in FAQ, it is mentioned to go to settings, options and then look for Advanced, but I can't find that option. When I sweep left, I can see the video, sound and such, but no Advanced button. Is there another way to get to the settings page to allow it? 
I really hope you can help me. I am waiting for your answer...
thanks very much in advance,

 You are using Skype app not Skype for desktop version.

I'm planning to add support of Skype app in next version of recorder.


the program, not recording anything, slowly consumes more and more memory and occasionally spikes CPU usage. irrespective of whether user is logged in to Skype or not

WHAT is it doing?

skype on windows 7 Home Premium 64bit sp1

 That's not normal, it should not add cpu usage unless it is encoding mp3 during recording.
Please try to reinstall recorder and .NET Framework 4.0

Please note that it is normal for programs using NET Framework to add some memory usage slowly and then free it at once. It is specific of "garbage collector" used by programs based onl .NET Framwork



I recorded - or attempted to record a conversation yesterday. My side of it has recorded perfectly, the other person's is an inaudible whisper. Is there anything I can do to retrieve the whole conversation?

 I skyped with my friend on Skype and recorded our conversation, but I guess it was too long and Mp3 Skype Recorder crashed. It was over 2 hours so I guess it would. I checked the folder and the recorded conversation disappeared. Is there a way to get it back?

 I am also having a problem with the ecorder only recording my side of the conversation.

The first conversation I recorded, it played back my half of the conversation. I changed the setting from STEREO to MONO. This seemed to fix the problem, as the next conversation I recorded played back with both my side and my interviewees side being audible.

However, the next conversation (still in MONO) once again only played back my side of the recording. 
I have checked the speakers which in the first stereo recording played my voice from the left speaker and nothing from the right. The mono recording plays my voice from the both left and right speakers if played separately.

Is there any way to (a) recover the audio on the original recordings and (b) prevent this happening in future?


The new version should be installed as a separate copy for each user (some pain in the neck for a multiuser PC admin), though the version 3.1 allowed to choose whether to install for everyone or just for me.
Do you plan to restore the old-style installation mode, which is conventional for Windows applications?

Tried recording about 3 hours of audio. The file it made was 17 mins long. When I listened to it, it played the first 4 mins of the beginning of our meeting and then skipped to the last 13 minutes of the meeting, so a couple hours of audio was lost :(

 This happened to me as well yesterday on a 30 minute interview for my podcast, got the first 9mins, it stopped recording, then started back at the end. I lost the whole interview. 

windows 7, 64 bit

Hello, I think this has occurred to lots of other users but it has not been reported. We have 4 pc with MP3 recorder downloaded and in all these PC if failed the same way as the previous user has explained on the 28th, 29th and 1st of May. Can you please let us know what we should do in these cases? Thank you.

Just wanted to follow-up on my previous post. We've done about 3 more recordings and had the following outcomes:

  1. Recording 1 - about 2 hours long. Had first few minutes skipped, but the rest of the recording came out fine.
  2. Recording 2 - about 2 hours long. No issues.
  3. Recording 3 - about 2 hours long. Same issue reported in my original post (first few minutes then skips to last few minutes, losing the audio inbetween).

There doesn't seem to be any noticeable pattern in what is causing this, but here's some info about my pc:
- Windows 7, 64 bit

I've never had these types of issues with the previous major version of the program (3.x) despite doing more than 20, multi-hour long recordings , so I'm going to try downgrading to that version.


I have also lost a 1-hour recording of an interview that I just did. I clicked on the link to the file after the end of the recording. It opened in Windows Media Player and appeared to be there. I then went to the location where I have my MP3 Skype Recorder files stored, and it's not there. I have searched by file name, modified date, and everything else I can think of, and I and cannot locate it. I only recently upgraded to version 4.3 and have been successful in recording a couple of interviews. I also did a test call with Skype before and after the interview, and those files are there.

Like others to whom this happened, I am distressed over the loss. Alas, I was not wise enough to have a backup plan. I haven't yet seen a solution posted to this problem, so I'm presuming there isn't a way to get the file back. If there is, please post.

I've been using the product for about 1.5 years and have been happy with it, so thank you for making it available. However, I cannot use it any longer as I have to have something that is reliable.

Windows 7, 64 bit -- MP3 Skype 4.3


Hello. I have recorded an hour long telephone interview for my PhD research, and when I've gone to listen to the file only 11 minutes is recorded. This is very distressing and a huge set back for my research. Can you suggest why this has happened. Also, is there a way that I can identify during a call if the MP3 recorder has stopped working? There is nothing on the screen when the Skype call is in progess.

Windows 7. 32 bit operating system. MP3 4.3 version.

Thank you for any advice you can offer.

Upgraded from 3.? to 4.3 and now recording 00:00:00 Length files. Windows 7 x 64. Tried disabling Firewall - didn't help. Tried varying sample rate and Bit Rate. No joy. Using USB headset. Any thoughts?


for my PhD I recorded two calls with the same system settings (Windows 7, Skype, one yesterday, one today. In between I turned the Skype recorder off to make another call and turned it own again.

Both calls where about one hour long.

The first one has been recorder very well. The second not. After the call I saw the error message , not knowing, when it actually occured. I know have to files. A mp3 and a mp3.idtag with the same name. The mp3 however has only 4 minutes of my call which is very unfortunate. Luckily - I am a better-safe-than-sorry German - I had a parallel backup solution running (mobile phone recording the speakers) which saved me. However, a few minutes are lost. Any solution?

This is a great tool, lean and smart. However, it is worth nothing if it is not reliable. Sorry to say that. Let me know whether you can fix this bug. I would even pay for it like I pay for Apps!


 Hi, I got the same problem but as I tried this recording tool many times and always worked I didnt put any backup!
Now I got a file with id3tag extension but the mp3 file i recorded is not there... Is there any hope to get my mp3 file back?
I didnt get any response yet and I am kind of desperate it was a very important interview for my research!


I am having problems opening the program.  It seems to launch because I see the button on my taskbar.  However, the screen with the controls won't open.  If I alt-tab, I see the screen (without the controls) but it won't actually open so that I can use the controls. I have tried to uninstall and re-install several times with the same result.  I'm using Windows 7 and Skype   I tried installing MP3 Skype Recorder on another computer and it worked.  However, this is my main computer and I would like to figure out what's wrong.  Please advise.  Thank you.

Hi, I have the same problem too. I tried to uninstall and install a few times, but the MP3 recorder doesn't seems to show as normal, and it crashes with the skype or something. Please help. Thanks.

Windows 7 Professional

Works fine with the speakers. When I use my bluetooth headphones, it doesn't record anything. 


I just wanted to make a request asking if you could please add support for recording files in the WAV format?  I saw that one person requested this a few years ago, and I wanted to add another vote in favor of this.

A lot of people like to use Skype in order to record interviews for podcasts, but if you record as an MP3 then you can't really edit the file, since MP3 is a lossy format, so it degrades the quality when you edit it.  But WAV is not lossy, so you can edit the files. 

If you added the ability to record to WAV files then I'm sure you could get a lot more people using the program for podcasts, and you could use that  for marketing or as a selling point for it the program.  

I have a HP laptop with Win 8.1 with Skype running as a 'Metro App' coz I haven't see a way to run it on the Desktop. I just installed the MP3 Skype Recorder and I see a msg "No Instance of Skype" even though Skype is running via Metro Apps.

What do I need to do to make MP3 Recorder work with this configuration?

Regards ... John

I have a HP laptop with win 8.1 and all recordings are playing back with an echo, ver 4.3.
Does anyone have a comment or the same issue?


Yes I have the same problem, I'm running windows 7 on a sony vaio laptop. I'd be interested to know if you found a solution to this. I can hear my voice fine, but the other person's voice echoes so you hear everything twice.


30 minute conversation, but only the first 2 minutes and the last 2 minutes were recorded. 

Windows 7, 64 bit
MP3 Skype recorder version 4.3

I have used your program to record several interview previously and it has been successful.  My last interview was not. Unfortunately, if recording cannot be guaranteed, this program cannot be used for professional purposes. 




Skype for Windows 8

I have the MP3 Recorder v 4.3 running but it constantly says "No Skype instances detected".  I'm using Skype all the time and it works fine, but the recorder never records anything!  I've set it to save files onto the desktop so I can see the file - so it's not as if I've lost the recording!  I only just downloaded it and already there are problems.  Not very impressed

Have many  recorded files, they are just 1k in size, nothing recorded? Cannot find an explanation what is happening? Not very good at all?

Hi. I have encountered this issue (no recording, just 1k files) as well. I didn't realize it until this morning, but it has been happening since 5/10/14. I have completely (using Revo) uninstalled and reinstalled both Skype itself and MP3 Skype Recorder v4.3. Looking at MP3 Skype Recorder v4.3 everything appears to be functioning normal. It detects Skype, recordings are set to on, both Skype and MP3 Skype Recorder v4.3 start automatically and it had been working in the past. I even tried reregistering the dll as I have seen in some posts, but that fails. Skype itself never asks for permission to allow MP3 Skype Recorder v4.3 access, and in the config for Skype, it doesn't show MP3 Skype Recorder v4.3 as an application that is allowed access to the API. Still getting 1k files. Just as a point to note, I do not store my recording on the same drive that MP3 Skype Recorder v4.3 is installed on. That shouldn't matter, but wanted to throw that out there. I made that change recently (mot sure if it was 5/10/14 or not) and have verified that the directory exists, is listed in MP3 Skype Recorder v4.3, and has read/write access. I'm spent on ideas.

Anyone else experiencing this issue that has been able to solve it?

Windows 8.1 64-Bit, Skype version

Thanks for your time


My computer froze and I am only left with an ID3TAG file of my recording. Is there any way I can recover or open this file to listen to it?

Please help!