Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 2.1.1

Posted on: Wed, 08/24/2011 - 16:04 By: VOIP

This is a topic to report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.2.1.1

If you have any problem please post below. Please indicate your OS and Skype version.

Known issue: only Latin letters are acceptable for destination folder path.

Well this is for skype v4 and now version 5.5 came out....kinda having trouble finding the old skype version :s

All versions of Skype are supported by the latest versions of MP3 Skype recorder. Make sure you are using the latest version of recorder. If you just installed it restart the computer.

OS Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
Portable Skype
Trying to upgrade from MP3 Skype Recorder 1.10.1 to 2.1.1
Installation is is on the same flash drive as Portable Skype
Installing for Everyone Installer gives Error 2349

Please try the following:

- stop previous version of MP3 Skype recorder prior installation of new one.

- try to uninstall the previous version of Skype recorder.

- try to upgrade your .NET Framework and windows installer from microsoft website.

I am NOT happy!  Just spent hour and a half recording a HUGELY important interview for my work and IT DID NOT SAVE the d@*n audio file!!!  Why is there not a SAVE button on the software??  Sorry to rant, but I'm pissed that I lost this information!  It recorded the conversation perfectly!  However, the file was never stored in my system.  Do you have any ideas on how to possibly retrieve the file????   Please email a response at [email protected]/  Thanks for any help you can offer!

There is no need to have save button. All conversations are saved automatically directly to mp3 files in destination folder, unless you switched recording off. If you are saying that it recorded the conversation perfectly that means it was saved to disk, I asume that you listen it. Anyway you can always see the progress of recording in realtimeiin recorder's statusbar, actual file size of mp3 file is shown in red and changing while the conversation is recordered.
Please try to look in destination folder for your recordings.

 This is not an error report per se, but I'm getting frustrated with an issue I'm certain there must be a solution for, so I thought I would ask here.

My friends and I are recording a podcast using MP3 Skype Recorder (which we love). We are each individually recording our own input then merging the vocal tracks together after. 

Something we have found annoying is that when we talk at the same time, the recording gets all jumbled and you can't hear anyone. We assumed that the audio track would still pick up our voices (regardless of what we "heard"), but instead it's like our mics are being cut off and even though we are talking, the mix of voices is all garbled.
Does this make sense? I feel like there must be a way for us to all talk at the same time then merge the files together so we all sound clear. 

I totally appreciate any help you might be able to give on this! Thanks very much for all your hard work, it's an awesome product!

Using Win 2000 5.00.2915 Service pack 4
I have MP3 Skype Recorder and am trying to upgrade
I get the following when trying to run the setup.exe
Setup.exe Entrypoint Not Found ...
The procedure entry point GetNativeSystemInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.
Is the new version for 64 bit only?  Is there an update for Win 2000 or another solution?

I have Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 service pack 1. I can see it in Control panel Add/remove programs and just in case I have reinstalled it. Still the same error message. I tried installing .NET 3.0 but that won't run on win 2000. Any other ideas why I get this error message?

Probably the installation files are corrupted. Please download it again, ideally by another web-browser to make sure you are not getting it from your local cache. Unzip both files and try to install it by running setup.exe

Tried that using a different browser (IE) ... same error message.

Setup.exe Entrypoint Not Found ...
The procedure entry point GetNativeSystemInfo could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll

I have done that ... also uninstalled and reinstalled .NET together with all the security updates and rebooted the machine each time. Still the same error message. Thanks for your continuing help.

There are two files in archive setup.exe and the other with msi extension. Please try to run MP3SkypeRecorder.msi instead of setup.exe. If it's not helping I'm running out of ideas. I hate to say it but win2000  is hardly supported by Microsoft and have lots of problems with backward compatibility. Probably time to upgrade.

Hi, I am having problems with Skype recorder shuting down mid conversation. It does not do this all the time but occasionally.
It also shuts down when I am not having conversation but i can't remember if Skype was running or not.
This is a recent issue that has occured only in the last couple of weeks, I think.
OS is Vista Home Premium SP2
Skype is but the problem exists in previous version.
This program is great and this is the only problem I have found so far but it is a big one.

I have Mp3 Skype Recorder and skype  Windows XP sp3 and the recorder stops during my conversations. It happened last week and I reinstalled and now it has happened twice today. It also just stopped running while I wasn't using it. Skype was connected at the time. Any thoughts?

Follow on from SkypeUser previously
Still getting Recorder shutting down during call. Doing it about 10+ times per call (calls 2-3 hours each)
I patched and Have .NET 4 4.0.30319.1
I migth uninstall and install as well as moving file location from within my profile to another partition to see if this helps.

Can you give some details please. What is your OS, Skype version? Is it the whole application stop running or just current recording. Any details that can help to recreate the problem.

Refer to my previous post at Thu, 09/08/2011 - 01:43 — Skype user
OS is Vista Home Premium SP2
Skype is but the problem exists in previous version.
In addition, it seems to start to happen when there is a further drain on CPU like if I open Firefox mid call. Then it will start to happen continuously every 10-15 minutes.

Don't know who that other poster is. My Vista is 32bit.
I have stopped my sidebar from launching on startup and Recorder has been working OK since. I think there was a conflict with one of the widgets. Even when I open up Firefox and other programs and the CPU maxes out the recorder works.
 I am happy to keep sidebar shut down from now on.

With an important call coming up that needs to be recorded I am concerned about the complaints of the recorder shutting off mid-call. I have used the previous version 1.10 with great success and happiness, and now I'm wondering if it is worth it to update to the new version. What are the new featues of 2.1? Is there a link that outlines the upgrades? Thank you for a great recorder!

If version 1.10 works well for you no need to update. There were a few bugs fixed in a new version and some changes were made to interface. You can read about new version and changes here -

There are thousands regular users at the moment, about half of them using new version and there were just few complaints. We are constantly working on improving of MP3 Skype recorder, new versions are coming.

The recorder started to cut off every once in a while. I have xp sp3 and mp3 skype recorder. Now when I record my classes it turns off almost everyt time after recording 164 kb or a little more. It appears to be happening after I have used my computer for a while. I suspect memory resources but it didn't start until a couple of months ago.  I update .net as I was advised to do from here on the forum but it didn't help. It basically doesn't work anymore for me. Maybe a XP system re-install?

I am forced to restart my computer each time I want to use the recorder.  I will restart, open the recorder, allow access to Skype, record the conversation (which works fine), close the recorder, and then the next time I click the desktop icon to open the recorder, nothing happens.
This can't be normal operating procedure.  What am I missing?

It looks like you are not closing but hiding the program to system tray. The recorder is hiding when you press cross button in the right upper corner, like Skype does. You can't start second copy of recorder. Just look for program icon in system tray and double click it to bring recorder back.
Make sure you are using the latest version. A new feature was added in the latest version - running instance of MP3 Skype recorder should popup up now when you try to start the second copy.

 Hi I have downloaded and have just started using MP3 Skype Recorder Its great and I love the features. I especially like the fact that it automatically starts and stopts recording any Skype call. Only one issue I need assistance with. The volume of remote person is low while the volume of my voice is loud. How does this program record sound. Is it through the vediocams builtin microphone? If this is the case I can think of a reason why this could happen. But if the voice recording is by converting the incoming data signal, then I dont know how to fix it. You see if the recording is through the microphone then the positioning of the microphone would solve the problem. As the incoming persons voice was being projected through the computer monitors built in speakers away from the microphone, this could explain why it is faint whereas when we speak we are directing our voice at the microphone which is facing us which is why it is loud. Please advice. Regards

The recorder receives audio stream directly from Skype. Skype is making automatic sound volume adjustments, but for some reason the audio stream the recorder can get from it is without this adjustments. If the sound from your mic is loud comparing to incoming voice you can try to reduce mic volume in Control Panel -> Sound. Skype will adjust the volume so you should not notice any difference but the recorder will get lower level of volume for your voice.

I have been using mp3skyperecorder for recording all my skype audio calls until recently.
But of late there seems to be an error that says it may be due to skype not having extras manager or a difference in version of skype thats not compatible with the mp3skyperecorder
Really need some help as i am all out to vouch that mp3skyperecorder is one of the finest voice conversation recorders ever - the quality of recording is absolutely amazing  or should i say was amazing when it last worked.
some one pls help 
Thanks :)

I have updated my skype to the latest version, updated mp3skyperecorder to version 2.1.1, but I still get the error message, even after restarting. I have to use the older version of skype, which notifies me about updates and I hate that! I have a "professional account" on skype. Please advise.

I am using Skype version and installed this free recorder version
Though recorder software installed successfully, however, it is not connected to Skype. Generally recording starts automatcally, when a Skype call starts, but its not happening. Recorder window is showing message "could not connect to Skype"
Could anyone help.

Did you restart the computer after installation? Sometimes libraries need the computer to be restarted in order to finish installation.
Did you get Skype popup asking for MP3 Skype recorder permission to use Skype?

MP3 Skype Recorder does not record my voice:
When I talk to my friend and turn MP3 Skype Recorder on, it only records my friend's voice, not my voice. Try on three different machines but they all have the same issue above.
MP3 Skype Recorder:
Anyone here have the same issue?

More information: when I try with "make a free test call" of Skype, recording works perfectly: my voice and Skype's voice are all recorded. But in real call with my friend, my voice is not recorded.

 I think that you are playing the recording with one speaker.  You can hear your friend's voice through that speaker, but not your voice cause it should go through another one you don't have/it's not working.

I just changed from a Dell E6400 with Win 7 64 bit to a very similar Dell E6420 also with Win 7 64 bit (Intel 2.5 GHz 4 GB RAM). On the previous system, MP3 worked beautifully. Now, the recordings are kind of choppy, even though the Skype conversation itself is perfect. I have set the Recording mode in Stereo and the BitRate at 64.
Any idea how to avoid the chopped sound of the recording?
Thank you and best regards.