Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 2.1.1

Posted on: Wed, 08/24/2011 - 16:04 By: VOIP

This is a topic to report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.2.1.1

If you have any problem please post below. Please indicate your OS and Skype version.

Known issue: only Latin letters are acceptable for destination folder path.

Did you try other bitrates?
New version is coming soon. There will be changes in recording part, hope that will help. If you would like to test prerelease version please drop me email - mail(at) I'll send you few files to change.

I have tried recording a couple of calls and when I hit the "play" button after the call the folder that the call is supposed to be saved in is empty.  What am I doing wrong?

v2.1.1.1 "connected to Skype; Recording: On" but the last three outgoing calls were not recorded. I can see MP3 Skype Recorder.exe active in Windows Task Manager (Win7). Skype v
Why does it stop recording? How to I reenable it?

Please check that firewall is not blocking connection between Skype and recorder. MP3 Skype recorder uses local ports to get audio stream from Skype and firewall can block it.  Check that you are not using any other type of recorders as they can interfere.
Try to reinstall recorder and restart the computer after installation.

Version, recording is on, installation went flawless. 
The recorder starts to record when we use skype, but after 2-3 minutes, the recordings stops.  The Skyperecorder doesn't give any error-reports. 
We would like to use this to record conversations about 1h30 long.  Is this possible or not?

 I just installed 2.1.1 on a Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit system. I have had previous versions on this and other computers that worked fine. 
Every time I start the app I get an error containing the following:
Unable to save config to file 'C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Local\Alexander_Nikiforov\MP3_Skype_Recorder.exe_Url_bseom1xm3zk0xnc4bhdwumdycaacpllp\\user.config'
I have to click Continue to open the app.
The program does write a tmp file and a newcfg file to that location, so it isn't read-only.
I was also getting errors for the MP3 path, but I manually changed that to a folder in My Documents and it is now ok.
In the GUI the settings for Recording Mode and Recording BitRate are not options marked. It records in Stereo and I believe 24-bit. I think these are set in C:\Program Files (x86)\MP3 Skype Recorder.
If I click Exit in the GUI it closes but I get an error that the app has stopped working.
Other than this it works fine. Recordings sound great and I have recorded a few that are over an hour.

am using skype on windows vista.
skype recorder previously worked properly in my system, but after updating skype to latest version my skype recorder is not working anymore.
my skype recorder is always showing message as "Mp2 Skype Recorder started. Waiting for Skype"...
do i require to change anything in my skype setup?
please update me.

  I am using a Pc, and have recorded audio perfectly, but When I renamed two of them to make them easier to find, They will not play in any player (WMP, Realplayer, etc.) What do I do tro retreive these two audio files?
(Previously Posted in 3.1, When I realized I had

Version makes no difference, there is something with your renaming of the files. Make sure that you didn't change file extension along with file name. It should be 'mp3', otherwise players will not recognize them as audio mp3 files.

Thanks for this lovely program. One bug I experienced several times is that MP3 Skype Recorder 2.1.1 keeps a 'lock' on files even after the recording is completed. For example: just now my backup software complained that it couldn't get full access to a Skype conversation recording from yesterday! Would be great if this could be fixed. And I'll install the latest version, maybe you already fixed it there.

My voice gets recorded by the other party is not. My Skype recorder works before so I'm a bit puzzled why.

 I just changed the location/route to where my latest and sooner recordings will be saved and right now I can't seem to find my previous recordings. I didn't delete them either so I'm wondering how to pull them out now. Nothing was done to my computer like reformatiing it and what not, I just don't know where those were saved. I'm looking forward you could help me out with this stuff. Thanks in advance. :)

The default recordings location is
Windows 7 - C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\MP3SkypeRecorder\MP3
Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\Application Data\MP3SkypeRecorder\MP3
[your username] - your windows username

 By the way, the skype version I'm using is I just upgraded it and I'm not sure what the previous version was. I'm working on a desktop, Windows XP Version 2002, it also says Version 5.1. 

Check that both speakers are working on your PC. The recording is stereo your voice should be coming from one speaker and the one's you are talking to from another. Alternatively you can use mono mode.

On my x64 windows 7 machine, skype 6 and mp3 skype recorder 211, i find that if I edit the config file and force a path of:


Then the recorder doesnt work (no recordings are made, an error message is shown but i dont recall exactly the text [it was one of my network users that reported the issue])

But if I map a drive (e.g. z: ) to \\myserver\mysharedfolder and then set the recording path to z:\myrecordings it works ok

Could you please check and make sure that recording to UNC paths is also supported? (not every computer I have mp3sr on has drives mapped.. i was hoping to use a script to push out a config file containing a UNC path)

Additionally, could you please make the path box in the UI editable, as the folderbrowser is not very good at picking up network shares and to paste a path in would be helpful

I have workarounds for all situations but it's a bit more labour intense to find a free drive letter on every machine and map the share to it, then config mp3sr to record to the mapped drive.. not all machine have the same drive letters free. thanks for a great prog btw

I have been using the skype call recorder for over 6 months with no problems, but I just now finished a call that I was supposed to record and the file was not saved.  Can it be saved somewhere else?  is there a way I can retrieve this file?
Thanks in advance,

 The recording is done directly to the file, there are NO temporary folders or some other places where it can be found. Check that the recording button is pressed for automatic recording and you haven't accidentally turned it off. Please check that you have allowed access to Skype for Skype recorder under each Skype user you are going to record.


I have used this recorder for almost a year, recording over 125 files with absolutely no problem. However, I have ONE person that when I record a call with him, the file saves, but without an extension. So it is unplayable and useless.

We just rerecorded our call today, with the exact same thing happening. I have never had this problem before. Could there be a problem on his end? I assumed  that if I was placing a call over Skype and the recorder was on, connected to Skype and recording (all of this was the case), that I would end up with a file I could use.

Any ideas?



 I have Skype 3.1 on Vista 64 bit,and after a recent skype update my recorder quit working. By re-registering this way, I hope it will now work.

I have one person that when I record a call with him, the file saves, but without an extension. So it is unplayable and useless.I am using 3.1