TODO. Future features. Things to be done in Skype Call Recorder

Posted on: Sat, 12/06/2008 - 20:35 By: VOIP

This topic for posting any ideas of features to be done in next versions of Skype Call Recorder

  • Logging call information and call records links in tables
  • UI (User Interface) for easy access, sorting, playing and deleting recordings
  • Answering machine

I appreciate any wishes and ideas left in the comments below.
P.S. any bugs and error reports please post in the other topic - Skype Call Recording bug reports


Hi this is wrong topic for your comment, please use error report section for problem reports.
If you have System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040154) then please check that extras manager is installed
Otherwise check that you allowed Skype Recorder to connect to Skype

Fantastic product! Worked flawlessly within two minutes of downloading. Far cleaner than the other things I've tried for recording Skype calls. Very clean and simple. Well done!

Hi great program and im having no problems with it good work the only thing i would like is the option to start minimised would be nice so it just sits in the system tray
keep up the good work

Hi! Thanks for this great app!
Something that really is needed and wouldn't take long to implent is having the option to start minimized to tray. It's nice to have the program start with windows startup but it would be a lot cleaner if it could start minimized. Thanks!


I also would like an option for minimizing to system tray at startup. And also a context menu from the system tray icon with the program's commands, for quicker access. The answering machine is not a bad idea as well. But the interface for managing and previewing of the made recordings has more priority for me (but that is only my opinion, of course). Hope that this app continues its good development and best wishes to its author!

I would highly appreciate if you can implement also other VOIP software like the Betamax products and one that doesn't give problems with USB headsets (I tried many recording programs, but usually only manage to record my own voice, not the other party). I won't mind paying for it, since no other product I tried has been without problems so far.

I use Portable Skype to save my history and setting together while changing computers. This is just a small program that runs Skype with tha appropriate command line options. All the files (Skype.exe, database) are stored on my USB flash.
Skype Call Recorder cannot find my Portable Skype and there is no option to help it.
I would also appreciate if Skype Call Recorder is available in portable version.

Hi, many thanks for writing this great little tool! May I suggest you make the automatic file naming customisable? You could include tags that the user can choose as a basis of how files are going to be names, for example %time, %date, %contactID, %callDuration, %bitrate and so on. This way you wouldn't have the words "Peer-to-Peer Call" inserted into each file's name (personally, I have to rename each file in order to only leave the relevant information inthe file name).
Thanks again & keep up the good work!

Hello, thx for this nice little proggie.
Because there is no portable Skype on market which really isn't destroying some skype-files of the host-system and there is no one w/ multiple instances and a backup-system of the host-skype, I wrote  my own portable Skype w/ multiple instances.
Now I have the problem, that your Call-Recorder can record only the latest startet instance, but not the previous startet ones. Pls make this cool recorder recording calls on ALL instances of portable and multiple Skype.
Thx from Germany from [email protected]

I agree with the poster above that this would be a critical feature. Please prioritize this development if at all feasible! This is a fantastic little app that I depend on daily, however since I learned how to start multiple instances of skype simultaneously, I often keep up to 4 skype accounts signed in at once. I have not known what to do! I need my MP3 skype recorder to recognize them all - or even more optimally the ones I've selected. Thanks again!