Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 1.9.0

Posted on: Sun, 12/13/2009 - 23:51 By: VOIP

This is a topic to report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.1.9.0
Known bugs:

  • Window 7 (only) - Error and  no connection to Skype on the very first launch of the program. Temporary solution - restart MP3 Skype Recorder, the error will disappear. The error will be fixed in next version.

For other issues use comments below


I replaced version 0.7.2 (which worked fine) with version which also works, but with two minor inconveniences (on my Vista Ultimate OS running on all a PC using all Intel parts).
1. starting MP3 Skype recorder does NOT automatically start Skype, the way the older Skype recorder did.  Did I miss something? I find no way to turn this feature on.
2. The only way I can start MP3 Skype recorder is to go to C:/Program Files/MP3 Skype Recorder/ and click on MP3 Skype Recorder.exe in the list of files.  It is not listed in my Start list, or in "all programs" at bottom of Start list.  The only way I can find/access it is to go to the folder that contains it and click on it there.
Other than these two glitches, every thing is fine, and I appreciate the new features
Great program, very useful, thank you!

1. This was changed due to the changes in last versions of Skype. Skype now allows to run more than one copy of itself. So when MP3 Skype Recorder is starting Skype, the second, unnecessary instance of Skype client could be started.
2. Could you double check it, please. Cause I tested it on my Vista, and installer created icons successfully. If it's not there, then you could create it manually. Right click on the MP3 Skype Recorder.exe and choose send to desktop (create shortcut). Then just drag it (shortcut from desktop) to start menu.
Many thanks for your comment.

Thank you; I understand your answer #1, but answer #2 causes quirky behavior; so i'll stay with what is working, despite needing multiple click-throughs to get there.
Perhaps I should uninstall and reinstall; but here is an additional odd fact; it does not show up in the list of installed programs when I go to control panel/uninstall... Oh well, it's working; I don't need to tinker just to optimize...

Hi I downloaded the skype recorder and the latest skype.
tested it once it worked fine.  However now I have changed the settings to where the file will be sent it just doesn't record at all now? 
I am using Vista and I have no changed any other settings?!
Any ideas would be helpfull thanks!

Hi. This could happen if the full path is too long. Try to create the folder in the root directory and see if it's working.
The other problem could be if you have no write permission to the folder you chose to store files.

I have no idea how to put it back into app data though.
I have vista and I go to my user and there is no app data file to put it in.  Yet I know the file is under my user?!
Any suggestions where I could store the folder and it would work?

Hi - I currently have ver installed. The program has worked previously but yesterday I received a message that it couldn't save files to the destinationa directory - which was deleted in error. I re-created the directory but now the program will not save any MP# call files to hard disc. I have tried a number of directories on several discs - any ideas? Thanks.

You should be able to point the program to any existing folder (providing you have permissions to write in it) to put recordings.
There is a small button with standard folder icon on the right side of folder path field. You could choose folder by clicking it.

I am using Windows 7. The Skype Recorder used to work, but now I see that I can not get it to work at all. I have the latest versions of the Recorder and Skype and I have followed all the manual's steps. However, It will not function now. I see others have reported this problem.  I hope a new version will soon fix the problem.

I get error 1001:
Could not load file or assembly 'srottbls.nlp' or one of its dependencies.  The system cannot find the file specified.  --> Failure has occured while loading a type.
Tried several times.  Any ideas how to actually install this thing?  I'd love to try it.  I'd even donate if it worked...

It looks like your .NET Framework is corrupted. See this topic on microsoft website

Corrupt MP3 using pre-1.9.0 version.
I've been happily using Skype Call Recorder for about a year now for dozens of phone interivews, and have never had a problem (and I"ve even contributed money here!)
Yesterday though the MP3 file of one of my skype intereviews was corrupt. The last 17 minutes (or 20) are just white noise compressed down into just about 20 seconds when I open it in audacity.
When I "Play" the MP3 in say Realplayer, the length of the clip seems to be about right, 20 minutes. and the screeching white noise doesn't play. it's just dead air after the good first 3 minutes.
I upgraded my SCR to the latest 1.9.0 after that call so I guess I must have been on the previous version, whatever that was.
any suggestions as to why this happened or if there is a miracle method of restoring the audio?
midtownee at gmail dot com

I've reported some problems with recordings in version 1.8.3 and 1.8.6 on some machines. This was fixed in the latest version 1.9.0.
I'm afraid there is no way to restore last minutes of your record as it was not actually recorded as I understand from your message. Sorry.

Just downloaded to W7. Doesn't work per known bug (no connection to Skype). But I restart, and restart, etc. per workaround and can never get rid of the error message. Am I missing something?

Recorder v W7 32 bit. Error message says (this pops up in a separate little window):  "Error connection to Skype ... No Skype detected or your Skype version doesn't have Skype Extras Manager and ..."

Thanks. I am using the latest Skype ( and am not aware that it is a special business version. I use Microsoft's standard Security Essentials for anti-virus. Do you have any guidance?

OK. Reinstalled and included the Extras (probably didn't do that before). Stuff works. Noticed along the way that Skype says it's discontinuing support for Extras. Don't know how that afffects things in the future, but I'm delighted for now. Thanks--great product.

Well, this is little bit confusing. "Extras" are small programs embed into Skype and working through Skype client interface. MP3 Skype recorder is using public API interface of Skype and isn't "Extras". This API interface is provided by what they call Extras manager which they are not going to eliminate.

Using Windows XP SP3, and Recorder v1.9.0.1, Skype
If I start recording during a call, the interface shows Recording:ON but no file is created.  Before recording starts, it shows "connected to skype" but when I hit record, this status disappears.
If I start before starting a Skype call, it works 100%
Thanks for the program!

That's the thing: I don't want to record the whole call, but rather start at some unpredictable time _during_ the call.  If the whole call is 20 minutes long, I only want to record a 1 minute snippet during the call to record an order confirmation etc.
Recording the whole call works fine, but starting recording during a call does not.

Should be working if you press it during the conversation. Just checked this once again on mine Win XP SP3 all is working fine. When you have a conversation and press Record, does the popup appears that recording is started? Does it give any errors? Do you have Parental Skype recorder installed? it could interfere with Mp3 Skype recorder

No, don't have any other recorders installed.  The popup also does not appear to show that recording has started.  No errors, just no action.  Do you maybe have a debugging mode we can try and check the logs?

I've noticed that sometimes when I make a call, there is a beep, but on other calls, there is no beep.  How can I turn this option on or off, or at a minimum, know whether or not a beep will occur.  

I had this problem:
System.Configuration.ConfigurationErrorsException: An error occurred loading a configuration file: Access to the path 'C:\Users\okkie p\AppData\Local\Alexander_Nikiforov\MP3_Skype_Recorder.exe_Url_rttyapoey00k3qd0mc3ntgkhl5tno54t\\user.config' is denied.
Removing user.config and decrypting the folder fixed the problem. Maybe you can implement a more descriptive error for this situation? I had encrypted the contents of AppData. Now I had to read the stacktrace in order to understand the problem.
Thanks for the nice application,

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This error means that user.config file was corrupted. Disk check for errors is highly recommended, as it could be problem with hard drive.

Hi, congrats for the program! I have a problem though that no other users seem to have. I'm using the latest version of the program, with Windows 7 32 bit and the standard version of skype. The problem is that the quality of the voice is really bad and the other parties cannot hear me when I'm using the MP3 recorder (I hear them though perfectly). I'm using an external mic. It records perfectly, however what arrives to the other party is very bad. I have tried various bitrates but no success. And Skype without using the MP3 recorder works fine. Any ideas what the problem might be? Thanks!

Hi. In theory there is no way how MP3 Skype recorder  could influence  the sound in Skype. The sound is provided by Skype through public API and is the copy of sound stream that is sent to other party. I would recommend to update Skype  client to the latest version and then try to make test call to Skype test service (Echo123). Let me know if it helps.
P.S. Please check if there is no high, nearly 100% CPU usage during Skype call.

Thanks for the reply maybe it is coincidence (that when I called the other party without the recorder it worked); but I've never been able to have a long successful call when MP3 recorder is installed. I'll try it a few more times. I have the latest skype installed. I tried the callback and it worked perfectly (and CPU usage low). I have the problem when I'm calling to telephones, and usually after the 1st minute, haven't checked with Skype-Skype. But you're right, I don't see why would that have anything to do with the MP3 recorder. Anyway thank you!

I downloaded the skype recorder yesterday. It did record my skype calls, but I can no longer hear the person I am calling and neither can the person hear me (this was still being recorded though). Do you know what happened?
I therefore deinstalled the MP3 skype recorded and the problem persits: I cannot hear the person I am calling and vice versa. I have even deinstalled skype and downloaded it again repeatedly - no success, it still doesn't work. Everything works when I test the audio settings and I can hear and be heard during a skype test call. However, real call don't work anymore.
Please, what can I do, do make skype work again?? By the way, I am running Windows 7.

It looks like this problem has nothing to do with the recorder. In general if during the test call everything is OK, it means that your audio is working. Probably the problem is with audio settings on the computer of the person you are calling to.
Try to check audio settings and if the levels of audio is not set to very low levels. Open the audio settings tab on  Skype option page (Skype client -> Tools in upper menu -> Options -> Audio settings tab). Check the microphone and speakers are chosen correctly. Make a call and look at Volume bars for microphone and speakers, the bars should show you jumping green level lines, when there are some noise. Try to uncheck Automatic adjust and move slider to max level.

 I've been having some problems with MP3 Skype Recorder crashing mid-recording after a variable period; a window will pop up with the message,
Application has generated an exception that could not be handled.
Process ID=0xd00 (3320), Thread ID=0x16d4 (5844).
Click OK to terminate the application.
Click CANCEL to debug the application.
If "CANCEL" is clicked, the Windows Error Reporting seems to indicate the error involved lame_enc.dll with no further details beyond an offset, though it does generate an appcompat file for the crash.
What should I do / post to try and resolve this error?

After installing the current version today (skype is running in latest version) he says he can't find skype. OS is XP.