• Stealth mode (no icons in system bar or system tray).
  • Recorder automatically starts on Windows startup.
spy skype recorder
  • Automatic recording of all Skype calls (P2P, landlines).
  • Recordings are stored in very compact MP3 files.

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Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 4.4

Please report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.4.4 in this topic
If you have any problem please post below. Please indicate your OS and Skype version. 


Skype v.
OS Windows 7 sp1
MP3 Skype recorder v.4.6 

App records only me when I try to use it with my USB headset.
It records no one when I use it with notebook built-in dynamics and mic.
I tried to switch mode to mono and stereo - no difference.

Sound volume becomes less when recording  starts and app pop-up appears.



Playbacks are overlapping half way through. I usually record up to two hours but notice it'll have me and my partner speaking at the same time .

Hi I am using 4.6 actually and the files I am generating from Skype are unreadable - file name:
2014_11_17 13-14-35 sassplus Outgoing to echo123 .mp3.id3tag

Have I done something wrong?
Cheers David

Thanks you, this is really a nice software utility for skype users.

Hi there,

I have an HP Envy notebook. I have recently downloaded the recorder and used it to record and important call for work. The call had recorded and now i am unable to locate it on my laptop. I opened it using Microsoft windows. how do i locate the file as the conversation was pivotal for finishing completing my thesis. Do the recordings save automatically? and if so where would they be saved to?


Error report on v4.5

When the call ends and the information window for MP3Recorder pops up above the systray, it removes the focus from the window that I may be actively typing into (eg. Typing in Skype to wrap up/confirm in writing what was discussed in the call.)

When the MP3Recorder notification at end of call pops up, allow the popup to be seen but please leave the focus on the active window not the popup.

The popup window on this version of MP3Recorder is much larger and more intrusive than the previous v3.x vesion I was using, both the type of content and the window size.


For version 4.5

Recorder crashes and stops recording, if other party put call on hold.
Skype, Windows 7 x64

This is an error report on MP3 Recorder v4.5.

Windows 7/64 bit

While recording a Skype Out call, when you get another inbound chat message, the recording stops and there is no way to restart it. I tried exiting the program and restarting it, but the recording function would not start again even though I was in the call. I attempted this at least three times and always with the same result - the recording function would not re-start.

A nice feature would be a manual recording start function. Right now, the system seems to have an auto-start only. A manual start would (might) have fixed my issue as noted above.

The recorder works fine with my USB webcam as the mic.  However I'm trying to use a bluetooth planronics headset.  The call in skype is fine, but mp3 recorder seems to hang and never completely create the file.  In the folder I'm left with a 0 byte MP3 and an id3tag file that never goes away.

Are there problems using this with bluetooth devices?