MP3 Skype recorder on a Facebook

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I think it will be an added advantage for all the Facebook users as the mp3 Skype recorder is available to them via Facebook application. I will try out this app and will definitely make my ‘like’ on the page if I really love the application

There is NO uninstaller in this program!
Once you installed, you can NOT UNinstall it!
Outrageous. My camera stopped working once I have installed it. Now I can NOT unsinstall it.

 There is a standard uninstaller coming with MP3 Skype recorder.  Go to Control Panel -> Add&Remove Programs, choose MP3 Skype recorder from the list and click remove.
MP3 Skype recorder is audio only recorder and has nothing to do with web camera. 

Got my mp3 skype recorder downloaded yesterday and it works perfectly fine. But when i need to use it today, it could not connect to skype. What should i do? How to make it automatic when logging in to my skype account?.Please Help :)..Thank you and God bless!

 please check Skype-» Tools»»Options»»Advanced»»Manage other programs' access to Skype. Make sure thst MP3 Skype Recorder is allowed to access Skype

just rried my first recording but now I can't find it.
any ideas??

Can we use MP3 Skype Recorder on non-skype audio?

MP3 Skype Recorder is for Skype only. Sorry.

 Press MP3 Skype recorder open folder to open the folder with recordings.

I love this program! It works like a charm.  The only thing I do not like is the annoying pop up after every call.  Is there any way to disbable that?

Am using the app without any problems or limits for my astrology classes and dropping them in Dropbox for my students. Awesome.

Hi, I installed the program and I recorded a call from skype, but that was it.
I can´t record no more calls, it says it´s recording but when I stop it, there´s no  archive in the file  I chose for it. It only appears the first conversation I recorded.  What can I do??

like usefull

Hi !!! I just installed this software in my Laptop, and unfortunately it only records some 45 secs. and nothing else.
Ok, it is for free, but why this could be happening?
Can someone has a suggestion? How can I fix it? My name is fernando, and you could reach me at this mail address: I will realy appreciate your help
Thank you very much

MP3 Skype recorder is free, has no limits applied and it should record all the conversation whatever the length is. Make sure you are talking about MP3 Skype recorder, but not shareware Parental Skype recorder which has limit of 25 sec in trial version.
If it is MP3 Skype recorder please send me some test call recording showing cut conversation to test if it is issue with recording by itself. My email is mail(att)voipcallrecording(dott)com

Claudio Napoleoni found an awesome way to record all Skype calls. We can record both incoming and outgoing conversations right from the application itself...It’s called MP3 Skype recorder.
Imagine what tutors and Voice Over artist and mentors can do Now!
Speak for FREE, Record and remit sessions for FREE !
Take advantage of it. You record in 24, 32, 64, 128 bit rates in mono, stereo and joint stereo.

I just installed it on Windows 7 prof. 64 bit.
It records only the outgoing voice. What I can do?

Check that both speakers are working on your PC. Outgoing is in one speaker and incoming voice in another if the recording is stereo. Alternatively use mono mode. 

Apologize, Apologize.
Thanks for the answer.
This was 100% my mistake. The version is Very Good.
All the best,

Awesome application sir
just wht i was looking for....

What a useful software...especially for the Skype out. I like it!

 Works a treat - thanks (o:

thanks a lot for this wonderful program... and it's free. what's next ???

 Hiya, is this software Mac friendly? I ask because I downloaded it and after opening Skype and testing I don't see evidence of the software i.e.a n MP3 Skype recorder window, etc. Thanks!

Windows only, sorry.

 Booo!  Okay, maybe someday?  Thx!


Just DLd / installed your program on my wife's computer - all the family members enjoy the ability to archive their conversations (was confused at first if recording was working since there is no VU meter or clear message stating that the process actually started - just says "recording on" automatically.)  Will now be adding the program to my (and recommend others') system(s)!


Perfect clear &  Wothfull to Remind Past Conversation

Very Good Program, but during recording no anything to show that this program is working.By the way,I like this program so much.

You must have Skype running. Yeah, it should show a message...

 This is superb program, I've used one before, which was slowing down Skype voice, but I tried this one, and its work great, love it love it love it, thanks to the author/ coder /& the owner to present with this smart program, I wouldn't say small, because it's working more better then a Joint program.
Once again thanks a lot
-Asfandiyar11 (Skype)

I love this little program!

Program works very well. Thanks.

Works like a charm!  Thanks!