• Stealth mode (no icons in system bar or system tray).
  • Recorder automatically starts on Windows startup.
spy skype recorder
  • Automatic recording of all Skype calls (P2P, landlines).
  • Recordings are stored in very compact MP3 files.

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New MP3 Skype recorder version 4.17 is available

Important update. Download latest version 4.17 - MP3SkypeRecorderSetup.msi (6 MB)
Skype API support was returned to improve robustness. Few users were reporting interruption of call recording before actual call was ended. This update should fix this issue.

I would like to thank all users reported bugs helping to improve MP3 Skype recorder.


Before updating to the new version I was able to choose when to record and when not to. Now it seems locked to autostart recording with every call, which is really something I need to be able to not have happen. Is there any way to achieve this in the new version?

Just downloades and installed v4.17, no issues and a very smooth update.
To date all updateshave been easy to install and the program has always run well.
Highly recommended

Update went great. Downloaded file, opened it, when it was finished it opened the recorder. Not one single issue.

it is too bad that trying to update can't be a simple process. I give up. Wake me up when you figure out how to make updating a simple click and update process. Until then, i will just go along with what i have.

gary guy