• Stealth mode (no icons in system bar or system tray).
  • Recorder automatically starts on Windows startup.
spy skype recorder
  • Automatic recording of all Skype calls (P2P, landlines).
  • Recordings are stored in very compact MP3 files.

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MP3 Skype recorder version 4.18

New version of MP3 Skype recorder is available. Download link
Fixed bugs:
- OFF button wasn't stopping recording if using Skype API. FIXED


Thread.systemthread error  - Does not currently work on Windows 7 Pro

Any suggestions ?

How the bleep do I uninstall this crazy program?  It's the trial version and I want it off my computer.  It's full of sooo many bugs, it's rediculous.

Start the installer, choose 'Remove' option or as any other program through the magic of standard windows 'Programs and features', right click on the program, uninstall

Dear Alexander,
I love the product. Thank you for your efforts. Will MP3 Skype recorder work perfectly on a Windows tablet, specifically
Microsoft Surface 3 running Windows 10. Are there any known issues with it?


Skype 7.12 and above (up to current 7.15) @ Windows 7 x64,  Windows 10 x64   

Since version 4.18 I get an error "Recording On. No Skype instances detected".

Guess this issue is related to the similar circumstances as it was reported sometime earlier:
For I start the Skype app via batch file like this:
start "Skype" "%~dp0App\Skype.exe" /datapath:"%~dp0Data" /removable
Guess version 4.18 cannot find/access skype user databases within datapath.
Previous version (4.11) does not have this issue (it indicates "Recording On. Monitoring...", but in its turn gives no records since skype versions/api pro/re/gress).
Maybe there's a reason to implement in your app some advanced settings like those below, similar we have for "Recording destination folder"?
Recording destination folder:
Skype executable:
Skype datapath:

Thank you!

Thank you ! this version is completely satisfactory in comparison to old ones where I had issues with initiating conferences.