• Stealth mode (no icons in system bar or system tray).
  • Recorder automatically starts on Windows startup.
spy skype recorder
  • Automatic recording of all Skype calls (P2P, landlines).
  • Recordings are stored in very compact MP3 files.

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Skype Call Recorder version released

New version released today (24 Feb 09).
This version fixes some bugs with installation on Vista 64.
There is no need to update if you are not using 64 bit version of Vista.


Does not work for vista 64. I have tried it on three different machines.

the best free scype call recorder!!!

Since upgrading to Skype 4.0 the recorder creates 0KB empty files.  Any way to fix this?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the recorder?
I'm using Skype 4.0 and just tonight downloaded and installed this recorder software and so far it's working like a charm.  Better than PrettyMay, in fact.

Just downloaded the new version of skype recorder.  I thought the old version was good - this is much better. There isn't the annoying bug wher the recorder load up on the start up page when you have ticked the tick box requesting it to not do so. Also the bit rate options as great and I found that skype automatically installed the recorder for me and I didn't have to do it manually.  All in all I'm very happy so far :0)

Any changes in case I've already installed ok previous version on Vista 64?

No need to update, if the previous version is working fine on you system.