• Stealth mode (no icons in system bar or system tray).
  • Recorder automatically starts on Windows startup.
spy skype recorder
  • Automatic recording of all Skype calls (P2P, landlines).
  • Recordings are stored in very compact MP3 files.

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Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v. 1.8.6

This is a topic to report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.1.8.6
Known bugs:

  • 0kb records on a few systems reported. Please see this topic

For other issues use comments below


I've found that whichever audio setting I use, if I'm talking and the person on Skype talks at the same time, the recorder will make me very choppy and lose most of what I'm saying while it keeps the Skype input perfectly. But it does record both sides properly if only one person is speaking at that moment.

Unfortunately normal conversation is rarely orderly enough to guarantee that people will never talk over each other, so I hope you can provide some resolution to make sure the program correctly records both audio inputs even if people are talking on top of each other.

Hello. Could you please provide some details, i.e: MP3 Skype Recorder version, Skype version, OS
Nobody ever reported such a bug. Make sure you are using the latest version 1.9.0 of MP3 Skype Recorder. Try to reinstall it. Use stereo mode, your voice will be in the left channel, and your opponent's in the right.

Of course, sorry!

Recorder version, Skype 4.1, and I'm running Vista SP2.

I will try reinstalling and see if that might make a difference. I'd really like to get this to work since your product seems to be the only legitimately freeware application for this and it seems a lot better than trying to use my computer's Stereo Mix to record both sides of a conversation.

Yeah, even after reinstalling the application it's doing the same thing. Even worse, the first two recordings I tried to make after installing again don't seem to have even generated. Once it started outputting files it was the same choppiness.

I'll check this. Meanwhile could you perform an experiment for me.
Could you try to lower the microphone volume in your system (not in skype): Control panel ->  Sound -> Recording -> double click the microphone you are using -> Levels tab -> move slider to the right a bit. Does this help?
One more try if doesn't. Go to Skype->Tools->Options->General tab-> audio settings and untick Automatically adjust microphone settings adjust it mannually. Does this help?

I've tried adjusting down, adjusting up, setting and removing the automatic adjustments, but it all turns out the same.

Nice Program!
I really like your program, and am surprised that it's free.  You ought to try and work some sort of arrangement with Skype for them to sell it when someone purchases its service for dialing land-lines.  Your product could be particularly useful for those people who have Internet radio shows, etc., allowing them to quickly upload the interview of a few people in a conference call without having to use third-party hosting.
I do have three minor issues with it: 1.) When I select Stereo or Joint Stereo, using my USB headphone, it works more like a dual-channel mono when I play the MP3.  (When I select mono, it comes out both channels simultaneously, as I expect.) 2.) I need to allow the program access via my firewall, with evident security concerns. 3.) When I click on the program's "Support Us" link, nothing happens and am not re-directed.  You should have a PayPal.com account at the least where people can send some money to your e-mail address.
Thanks again for making such a nice little program available!

Many thanks. I really appreciate your feedback.
Regarding your issues:
1) I'll take a look.
2) The recorder needs two local ports to receive the audio stream from Skype plus it checks for updates each time it starts and Skype links shown on the window after recording is finished are taken from website.
3) I fixed the link. Thank you for pointing this. The proper link is http://www.voipcallrecording.com/project_support there are my Pay Pal details.

When I click a weblink from within MP3 Skype Recorder, it opens the URL always in the Internet Explorer and not the system's default browser - in my case Firefox. It would be great, if you could fix this... Thx!

I keep getting the "Error connecting to Skype" - No Skype detected or your version doesn't have Skype Extras..."  I have reinstalled current versions of both Skype ( and MP3 Skype Recorder (1.8.6) both downloaded and reinstalled today (2009-07-22).  Same error.  Skype Extras is there, being used by two other "extras":
1) SKYLINK 2-in-1 Phone Utility.exe
2) SkypeNames.exe
I'm running Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 3.
Any ideas?
Thanks, great program.  Works fine for me on two other computers.

I was wondering if anyone else has had an issue where your window is not viewable.  To be more precise, I can see it when I hover over the bar on the bottom, but when I actually click it on the taskbar, it gives me a window that's so small I can't see anything.  Yes, I've tried restoring it, and it just disappears when I do that.  The weird thing is, when I alt-tab it, I can see it in the icon's list again, but then the vicious circle of trying to get it to maximise again starts all over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!

Version  (July 15, 2009)
Joint Stereo not working.  Tried at 32,64,128 bit.  Downloaded and installed on 07/15/2009.
Playback tried with both Windows media player and Quicktime.  Runninig in Vista Ultimate.

-When you are saying jstereo not working, do you mean the record is mono?
-Is stereo working?
-Check if there is mp3skyperecorder.ini in the program folder.

Joint Stereo does not work for me either.  Only Stereo comes out.  I checked the .ini file and there does not seem to be any discernable items for the stereo setting.

Joint Stereo doesn't work for me either.
I mean Stereo and Joint Stereo are exactly same thing : me on left track, others on right tracks.
I would want to have every people on both tracks.

That isn't a bug. You should use mono. What's the point of doubling mono into two stereo channels?
Joint Stereo doesn't mean  both sides mixed in both channels.  It is still stereo. RTFM

Hello I have Windows Vista in Russian, Skype in Italian (I am not mad, just an Italian who bought a PC in Russia).  Installation went smooth for both programs.  Skype Recorder seems not to see Skype or viceversa.  Skype does not ask to allow MP3 S R in the list of API's.  I have added both at the windows brandmauer exception  

Release 1.8.6 doesn't record skype calls, It generate a 0 Kb file size. LR.

I have updated to the latest version but still get 0Kb size. Vista 64 Ultimate. I even tried to start Skype and MP3 Skype Recorder with admin rights both. Any suggestions?

Check the firewall if it allows MP3 Skype Recorder to listen tcp ports in order to recieve audio streams from Skype

 I did this and also turned off Windows Firewall at all. But still recieve 0 size recordings. Please advise.

Please see this topic

I am having some trouble with the program. Installation was smooth and it starts up fine, however when Ih record calls, the program only records what I am saying but does not get the interviewee's stream. How can I fix it? I'm using Windows XP, and when asked by both the Firewall and Skype if I allow running the software I told it to do so. Thanks for your help!

Double check the personal firewall. Most likely it is cutting one of the streams from Skype to MP3 Skype Recorder. MP3 Skype Recorder is using two ports one for your voice and one for interviews stream. It looks like firewall allows the first one, but not the second one. What firewall are you using?

I'm using the windows firewall. How would I add an exception for the interview stream there?

Control Panel->Windows Firewall->Exceptions tab
Check that MP3 Skype Recorder is in the list and is marked. If not add it using Add Program button.

hey guys this looks like a good, free skype recorder program with no strings attached. the problem is that my windows installer is messed up right now and i cant install mp3 skype recorder. and ive tried everything under the sun to fix the damned thing to no avail,  so dont ask about that it prob. wont help any. i guess what im wondering is can you somehow compile a regular version without needing to use an .msi file? so that i dont need to go through windows installer? thanks!