• Stealth mode (no icons in system bar or system tray).
  • Recorder automatically starts on Windows startup.
spy skype recorder
  • Automatic recording of all Skype calls (P2P, landlines).
  • Recordings are stored in very compact MP3 files.

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MP3 Skype Recorder v. 1.8.4. is released

A new version of  MP3 Skype Recorder v.1.8.4 was released today.  The new version was renamed to MP3 Skype Recorder.
Bugs fixed:

  • installer issue with automatic startup option.

New features:

  • none


Hi, I recently recorded a Skype call. The recorder said "on" the entire time.  When I went to listen to the file, however, there was no file in the folder where it was supposed to be stored.  Is it possible to retrieve this conversation?

 I have also had this problem. Does the file exist? Is it possible to recover it?

This topic is for version 1.8.4, if you are using this version it is better to update it to the latest Skype recorder 1.9.0.

If you already using latest version, check the following:

- the recording is actually ON, and you are getting message when the recording is starts and ends. Top left record button should be pressed down.

- check that your personal firewall (if any) is not blocking connection between Skype and Skype recorder, as it could cause fail to record.