Multiple Skype accounts. How to set only one account to be recorded

Posted on: Sat, 10/30/2010 - 18:02 By: VOIP

Q: I have two Skype accounts. One that I use for business purposes and another that is used to make personal calls. If I want to record only the conversations I'm making on one particular account, but not the other, is this possible?

A: You can change if the Skype allows to record calls for each account separately.

Open Skype window.
Go to Tools->Options->Advanced
Click Manage other program's access to Skype in the bottom
Choose MP3 Skype Recorder and click Change
Change Allowed access or Not allowed access and save this by clicking OK

Please can you advise how to find the files of Skype calls that have been recorded?  It looks like they are being recorded but I can't find them anywhere!
Many thanks

The recordings should be  in the folder which is shown on the program window under the sign Folder to store Skype conversations

Please make sure that this folder exist and you have permission to write in this folder, just try to create text document in this folder. Otherwise the recorder may fail to save recording.

Please see manual

Hi! I want to automatically record all my calls. I already checked the Start Automatically at windows start up button, but it's still not automatically recording my calls. There's an error message on the bottom saying, could not connect to skype. Please help. Thank you.