new MP3 Skype recorder v4.0 RC

Posted on: Thu, 11/14/2013 - 13:55 By: VOIP
 MP3 Skype RecorderNew version of MP3 Skype recorder 4.0 Release Candidate is ready. 
New version doesn't require Skype API which will be stopped by Skype(Microsoft) next month. It has new "Metro" style look and in fact is completely new recorder. There is no proper installer at this moment, but if you willing to give it a try you can download using above link and run self-extracting archive. You can run new version along with old one, no uninstall is required.
Minimum requirements: Windows Vista or newer, .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5, Skype Desktop version (if you using Windows 8)
If you have problems with downloading .exe file, please use zipped version


Is it possible to set  in the preferences as default value "recording off" in order to avoid undesired recordings?
Bye bye, Paolo

 The new version of recorder that independent of Skype API is not working with properly, We record our online session but the recorder show that it is on but 
at the call end it show th notice that recording ended but the recording time may not increase 2 or three minutes. Th erecorder works for the whole session but records only few minutes of the call.
kindly chech and fix the bug.

I have recently installed this on Win 7 64-bit, when I try to record Skype calls, it comes out as a 1KB file, and no call is captured. Can you please advise regarding this? Thank you.

Please check the file MP3SkypeRecorder4RC.exe - when I downloaded from this website, Kaspersky security software detected some kind of trojan embedded in the file.

File MP3SkypeRecorder4RC.exe is about 4.7 Mb (4,693,531 bytes)

 It is false alert to self-extracting archive file. It looks like some antiviruses give this alert on this kind of files. Please use zip archive if you have doubts.

Here is online scan report

Engine version:
Total virus-finding records: 4714690
File size: 4.48 MB
File MD5: b3d88395edb943a50386bae09191aea6 - archive RAR
> Skype recorder\lame_enc.dll - Ok
> Skype recorder\MP3SkypeRecorder.exe - Ok
> Skype recorder\NAudio.dll - Ok
> Skype recorder\System.Data.SQLite.dll - Ok
> Skype recorder\Telerik.WinControls.dll - Ok
> Skype recorder\Telerik.WinControls.Themes.TelerikMetro.dll - Ok
> Skype recorder\Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll - Ok
> Skype recorder\TelerikCommon.dll - Ok
> Skype recorder\x64\SQLite.Interop.dll - Ok
> Skype recorder\x86\SQLite.Interop.dll - Ok - Ok


I am also getting an alert from Avast when I download either the .exe or the .zip. It says a file named DgG1FWGX.exe contains a Win32:Malware-gen. It says the size of the file is 1159737. Is this possible? Does the download include a file by this name? Thanks in advance!

Installed without issue.  On first install, brought up the screen to configure folder for files, recording settings, etc.  Can't bring that up any longer.  The program is running minimized to the taskbar.  When trying to open it, the window shows in the taskbar but the program doesnt show anywhere onscreen.

Have deleted the folder and reinstalled with no luck of geting the settings screen to showup.  Tried a reboot in case it was something incompatible running.

Probably it is shown outside of working area

Please  try to delete the following fileC:\Users\Gill\AppData\Local\Alexander_Nikiforov\MP3_Skype_Recorder.exe_Url_{something}\{version number}\user.config.
The program will create a new healthy one on the next launch.
Please note that part of the path are hidden folders. Make sure you can see them.
- go to Control Panel->Folder options-> View
- check Show hidden files,folders or drives
- click OK to save settings

I see somebody else has tried this as well.  I have deleted this release as well as the previous release.  When i install the new RC clean, I receive the same.. it never comes up with the configuration window.  Not sure what the issue is but will wait for a new release.

I lost the bulk of my call! It only records 30 minutes. I've tried for a week now to get 3 podcast episodes done and they are unusable. My calls are usually over an hour. If there is a limit on the new version when the old version doesn't have one, that should be in the bullet points! I still had to click the OFF button to stop the recording after 2 hours so where did all that data go? It said recording well after 30 minutes. I've already inconvenienced the person I was interviewing more than once. This is unacceptable.

I am a huge fan of this app. It's been a lifesaver for note taking on conference calls. I am in the process of evaluating the new 4.0 RC. I have not yet upgraded Skype beyond because I was concerned with losing MP3 Recorder 3.1x capability. I ran some tests on calls with both the 3.1x and 4.0 RC making recordings of the same exact call. I have set the sample rate and bitrate to the exact same settings for both recorders. The 3.1x recordings are noticeably clearer and sound much better on playback. There is a level of static and poor quality on the version 4.0 RC recordings. The call quality is the MOST important aspect to me and until this is resolved I will not upgrade Skype and lose MP3 Skype Recorder 3.1x.

Additionally, I cannot access the 4.0 RC settings again after the first time. I have tried deleting the file listed below:

But this does not solve that issue.

Dear Friends I am sorry but in my WORK PC Windows XP is still running so...
is it really impossible to record a Skype Call with the new MP3 Skype recorder v4.0 RC ?
I have 4.0 but I cannot install on XP the 4.5 version.
Moreover, when I close a call and I try to seee what I have recorded I see a file with this extension that I cannot manage: .mp3.id3tag
please help if possible... Thanks a lot!!!

Could you please tell us if there is a TIME LIMIT for skype calls recording?
I have just tried to record a 30 minutes call but what I got was just ten minutes... Could you please tell me why?