MP3 Skype Recorder v. 1.10.1 is released

Posted on: Fri, 06/24/2011 - 01:42 By: VOIP

New version of  MP3 Skype Recorder v.1.10.1 is released

MP3 Skype recorder

Bugs fixed:

  • Skype connection error with latest version of Skype.
  • Some minor bugs.

New features:

  • Automatic checking of destination folder. Program will check if destination folder exist when started, if not it will try to create the folder. No more missing records if you accidentally delete/rename the folder.
  • MP3 Skype recorder is showing recording progress in status bar (bottom of the recorder window) now. You will see if something goes wrong.

Many thanks to all users reporting issues and providing great ideas.

If you have any problems with this version please report to this topic.

Добрый день!
У меня не запускается эта программа. Уже много раз удаляла и снова загружала.

Если хотите по-русски задать вопрос, то лучше по почте. Проверьте не запущена ли уже программа, она может запускаться в свернутом виде. Посмотрите нет ли иконки в system tray (это в нижнем правом углу обычно). Если там, то дважды ее кликните. Еще бывает как ни банально помогает в таких редких случаях перезагрузка.

I am facing a strange problem while installing this software on my windows machine, Whenever i am going to install this software a run time exception is coming, Please give me support email.

I installed 1.10.1 today for first time. Skype allows the program. However, when I click the record button, nothing happens!
FYI - I am taking a class and there are regularly scheduled weekday calls. They use an Acrobat recording system (although I assume that shouldn't matter). I use another recording program to record archives, but I would like to just record live. Also, in answer to the other question about a timer -- I would love to be able to schedule 9:30-10 weekday calls.

This is how I handled it:
1. In SKYPE, go to TOOLS, then OPTIONS, then ADVANCED.
2. Then go to the bottom in center: Manage other programs' access to Skype. You should then see different programs trying to access Skype. I found one I didn't know was trying, so I clicked "Remove" on it.
3. For the MP3, click, "Change", and the click the radio button, "Allow Access". Should do the trick.

I recently got MP3 Skype Recorder to record podcasts over Skype and it seemed to be working fine. I recorded a test, everything worked perfectly and didn't have any issues with playback but then i went to record again and after ending the call found the file size to be 0kb and unplayable. There were no system changes between the test call and the failed recording, in fact, it was still during the same call. I've since tried restarting my computer, reinstalling the program and playing around with compatibility settings but every recording now comes out empty. My system is running Windows 7 64bit, MP3 Skype Recorder 1.10.1 and Skype When i start the recorder it says "Connected to Skype; Recording: Off" in the status bar, upon clicking record it changes to "Recording: ON".

Please check that there are no other recorders along with MP3 Skype recorder (like Parental Skype recorder) as they could compete for audio stream. Check if any personal firewall is blocking connection between Skype and Skype recorder, Skype provides audio stream to recorder through local ports, personal firewall could block it.

I've had major problems with Skype Recorder.  I need to delete my account and begin fresh.  I cannot remove the download from my hard drive.  How do I delete my account?  I will choose a new sign in name and everything.  I need to do this ASAP, please.  I am willing to have one of your techs connect with my on skype with the same name as I created this account in. HALP !

Is there a way to upgrade from the prior version of MP3 Skype Recorder to the latest one without full installation? I use Windows XP. Thanks, Mark

Why? You will need to add one file, replace another and registry library using command shell. Installer will do everything automatically for you. Just uninstall previous version and install new. All settings most likely to be preserved, anyway there are just few settings.

For some reason this has not been working for me lately. Whenever i try to start it up it just says "Unhandled exception has occured in your application" and then it doesnt work. I have uninstalled it and restarted my computer many times and i still get the same result.

Could you please click Details button if any, copy-paste the error description and send it to my email.
Usually this error indicates corrupted .NET Framework installation. Updating/reinstalling .NET Framework could help. Could be done from microsoft website.

Just installed recorder and works a treat, great way of keeping records of conversations with staff in remote locations
regards Jackson rakeback

 I used it yesterday on Windows XP. I could hear the person I was talking to, but couldn't hear myself on the recording. How to fix this issue!