FAQ question - Skype and MP3 Skype recorder not seeing each other

Posted on: Mon, 04/30/2012 - 14:10 By: VOIP

Only for MP3 Skype recorder versions prior 4.x

Q: I go to Skype menu -> Tools -> Options -> Advanced tab -> Manage other programs' access to Skype,
but there are no MP3 Skype recorder. Any advise?
A: Probably one of the libraries is missing or not registered properly.
- open program folder (default C:\Program Files\MP3 Skype Recorder)
- check that Skype4COM.dll file is there,
- if it's not, please reinstall  MP3 Skype recorder.
- if it's there, open command prompt/shell by running cmd command. You should see black window, DOS style
- go to the program folder cd C:\Program Files\MP3 Skype recorder (or cd C:\Program Files (x86)\MP3 Skype recorder on 64bit systems)
- run the following command regsvr32.exe Skype4COM.dll
- restart the recorder

- Reinstall the recorder and restart the computer
- Make sure that no personal firewall or other sort of securtity software is blocking connection between Skype and Skype recorder

 It works perfect for me, thanks a lot
- if it's there, open command prompt/shell by running cmd command. You should see black window, DOS style
- go to the program folder cd C:\Program Files\MP3 Skype recorder (orcd C:\Program Files (x86)\MP3 Skype recorder on 64bit systems)
- run the following command regsvr32.exe Skype4COM.dll
- restart the recorder

I have re-installed the skype recorder but it still didn\'tt connect wth skype as it used to. I removed the app n skype (to see if that would fire it again)  and now cannot add it back on -ie in tools advaanced etc and the way it usually works when downloaded-ie on my other computer doesn\'t work. confused and unclear what to do now. thanks

1. I dont find folder MP3 Skype recorder on my C:\Program Files (x86), but find it on C:\Users\user1\AppData\Local
2. I was check Skype4COM.dll file there, but dont find it
3. Reinstall MP3 Skype recorder did nothing

What will i can do now?

Windows 8.0-64
Skype for desctop

I just changed the location/route to where my latest and sooner recordings will be saved and right now I can't seem to find my previous recordings. I didn't delete them either so I'm wondering how to pull them out now. Nothing was done to my computer like reformatiing it and what not, I just don't know where those were saved. I'm looking forward you could help me out with this stuff. Thanks in advance about 210-060 braindumps. :)