Video recorder for Skype?

Posted on: Fri, 07/10/2009 - 10:52 By: VOIP

I would like to find out if there are users for video recorder of Skype calls? I would like to ask Skype users and particularly users of MP3 Skype Recorder: do you need video recording?

If yes:

  • what features would you need?
  • How would you like your and your opponent video to be saved - into one video file or in separate?
  • Where to put audio - both or into separate file?
  • Do you need "one-click" publishing to web?
  • Any other ideas are much appreciated.


Please use comments below.

I would like to try it.  I'll prefer if my video and coming video will be in separate files, both with stereo audio. One-click pushing to some kind of video server, like youtube would be nice option.
Let me know if you need testers. Send you email with my details

Hi, yes i would like to use video call recording, with the options to save video and audio into one file or into separate files, whatever will work best so that sound and video syncronisation is accurate, one click publishing to the web would also be a useful feature or the ability to send video call files out to relevant parties etc..
Contact me on and keep me informed and let me know if you require personnel to help test the application.
Kind regards
Graham Wangman

It'd be great to have video recording features!
Fullscreen recording, and conference recording and customizable codec for the output would be pretty much all I'd need.
I think there should be an option to capture the one's own video, but it shouldn't be forced. If enabled, it should be possible to capture the video in the same file (how about an overlay on the other party's picture like in fullscreen mode during the call?)
For conferences, having all participants tiled together would be more useful than having separate video streams, however that could be integrated as an option.
Finally, it'd be reasonable if audio were embedded into the video file(s) since the most common use would surely require both audio and video streams and while it's trivial to extract the audio, that should be a task left to those with that need rather than forcing the others to merge audio and video.
P.S.: thanks for the great software, let's hope it keeps improving!

Video recording would be fantastic.
First, it can help us users to leep track of our conversations with our loved ones and this enables us to use skype more often since yahoo and other video chats have the same feature, skype will be more convenient.
I would like that this recording be saved as one (audio and video) and my and opponent video be together also.
I suggest that the interface be user friendly too.

a video recorder would be so awesome most especially for me. We do interviews from our home (wince I work from home) and this feature will be very beneficial for us.

 Everything in one file, maybe with a variable position and size of my own face ;-). Should be possible to simply burn the file on a DVD for TV watching. Maybe there's a lossless codec that can be used for this so that the resulting file gets shorter.

Definitely something I'd like! I think that the eCamm Call recorder does it really well (only available for Mac) - my favourite feature is the ability to record the video side-by-side with the audio on separate stereo channels for each side!

Hi, its a good idea. I'm waiting for it. better put audio and video together. thanks in advance

 sounds like a great feature and I think the easiest way to record is to keep everything in one place (audio and video, both sides) so the conversation can be easily reconstructed afterwards.
there are a few things where separation would be nice but I don't think it's so important. maybe add it as a pro feature, or make it selectable via options.

I would use it immediately. It would be massively helpful to have split screen video recording and see both participants.

Wonderful idea! As long-distance relationships become more and more common, I guess there are plenty of people out there, who would like to tape their calls with their beloved ones and replay it, whenever they are in the mood... I'd totally use it!

Indeed, I am and have been looking for a video recorder. A program that has screen capture capabilities that also captures the skype conversation, not just from my mic but also the incoming voice.  This would be idea for recording software demonstrations from a server to the viewer.

Dear Author! First of all let me thank you for your excellent product you create! I used it for more than a year on different OS and have no troubles. Everything is worked as is.
Re: Video add-ins 
1. It would be interesting to test such. I suppose, you should develop this product in one shell including option to switch on/off video/audio recording features.
2. All listed above benefites would be preferrable of course. 
3. I thing it'll be reasonable to include video-conferencing recording option
Thanks a lot for your product once again

This would be an awesome program.
I personally would want it to record both outgoing and incoming video streams seperately, but put the audio on both, so I could edit back and forth seamlessly.
I would totally use this for video podcast shows.
Let me know if you would like a beta tester.
Jerry J. Davis
GroovyMojo Media
"Zombie Beach: The Podcast"

I have been using skype for business meeting and friends connections for over 5 years .  I believe " MP3 skype recorder " is a excellent  tool to me , I expect this tool can build up more about audio , like audio recognition , which put conversation into searchable words , just like chat records in skype .  That will help me a lot in finding right information .
My answer to video recording is " NO  " , I'd explain my answers in some open questions . 
Most of my usage of skype is one on one talking for both business and friends talking . I had over 10 times meetings with more than 2 people in skype with some word , PPT or excel files to present , I used teamviewer free version to share word , PPT and excel with others for presentations , skype is my major tool for voice meeting .
A. Live video in skype talking can be always helpful for communication . But , how often you use video to pass important information ?  In my cases , I use audio and written words for important information . 
B. To follow item "A " ,  If anyone want to revisit last time conversation for some key inofrmation , will you often find it in visual image or audio ? 
C. If you record video during skype call ( 10%  of my skype call is video call , how about yours ? ) , how often will you image you will revisit that video for information ?  
D. There're good tools for screen recording already , which can be very useful for e-learning , why " MP3 skype recorder " bother to add same function which others already did very well ?
Hope it helps .
Richard Mao

Video recording would be very useful indeed.
I'd start with two separate mpg files and point to xulplayer dual-video mode for playback.
Longer term - I think four separate files (2x video + 2x audio) and a simple player mimicking skype layouts would be nice (be it in directshow, silverlight / wpf or xul) 

I never use video recorder of skyp , now you update me about it and i will  try  it latere because now a days i m busy in my network+ exam questions It seams through  Video recorder of skyp it is posible better put audio and video together. thanks in advance

I'd be thrilled with a great video recorder for Skype. I'd be happy with just a basic recreation of what you typically see - a large video of "the guest" and a small insert of "the host."
Or a nice side by side video would be great with separate audio tracks for both.
Something like would be awesome as long as it could be saved on a local hard drive and the audio edited/adjusted and available to be extracted.
I'd love to see that happen.

Full Screen Capture and the Skype call stored in one file for playback.  Streamlined and not weighted down with extras. Would be an excellent tool.  Simplicity, in this world, has value.
Any word on how this is or might be going?
Thanks for your excellent program.

I would really like to have the ability to record voice and video - preferably in one file.  I would like to record the image and sound as it apprears to me.

Iam learning the arabic language and I want to inform you that Iam already using yr "Skype call recording" software   which is performing in order to follow also the writing of the arabic languge I would like very much....... it would be fantastic for me to get possibility to record also the video in the meantime and in ONLY ONE FILE,  in other words VIDEO + AUDIO MP3 RECORDING you have already such solutions???.......can you help me?????? pls advise accordingly to :   Corrado Italy   

i need the everything captured video and audio and saved in one place just like a video. i talk to my kids on skype and they are toddlers so i would like to be able to capture the entire screen with audio because my kids like to sing and dance for me. i only get to see them on webcam when ever i can have the time alloted to me.

 i want to  capture video call.....features should be....recording along wth audio.............. comfortable formats like ( video:avi,