Report an issue with MP3 Skype Recorder v 4.4

Posted on: Tue, 06/10/2014 - 21:48 By: VOIP
Please report any issues with MP3 Skype Recorder v.4.4 in this topic
If you have any problem please post below. Please indicate your OS and Skype version. 

The recorder works fine with my USB webcam as the mic.  However I'm trying to use a bluetooth planronics headset.  The call in skype is fine, but mp3 recorder seems to hang and never completely create the file.  In the folder I'm left with a 0 byte MP3 and an id3tag file that never goes away.

Are there problems using this with bluetooth devices?


My recorder stopped storing recordings last week. I had three interviews in one day. The first one was still perfectly stored but the next two were not although they were recording when I was doing the interview and could be played back immediately after. However, when I looked in the folder where the recordings are normally stored at the end of the third interview, the 2nd and 3d were not there and could not be found on my computer.

On the recorder's pop-up window it did say something like 'available in Pro edition' which made me wonder whether the files were hidden until I acquire the pro edition. I'd be happy to do that but I'd like to know in advance what happened to my previous recordings??

Can anyone please help?

Thanks a lot,

Free version is fully functional, nothing is hidden.
Please make sure you are using latest version. Please also use Report a bug feature in MP3 Skype recorder. This will give me some technicall insight to help deal with the problem.
Can you please try not to play recording immidiate after you finish the call. Not sure but this could be related, if it was big file and it was not just finished writing to disk.
I'll investigate the issue.

This is an error report on MP3 Recorder v4.5.

Windows 7/64 bit

While recording a Skype Out call, when you get another inbound chat message, the recording stops and there is no way to restart it. I tried exiting the program and restarting it, but the recording function would not start again even though I was in the call. I attempted this at least three times and always with the same result - the recording function would not re-start.

A nice feature would be a manual recording start function. Right now, the system seems to have an auto-start only. A manual start would (might) have fixed my issue as noted above.

For version 4.5

Recorder crashes and stops recording, if other party put call on hold.
Skype, Windows 7 x64

Error report on v4.5

When the call ends and the information window for MP3Recorder pops up above the systray, it removes the focus from the window that I may be actively typing into (eg. Typing in Skype to wrap up/confirm in writing what was discussed in the call.)

When the MP3Recorder notification at end of call pops up, allow the popup to be seen but please leave the focus on the active window not the popup.

The popup window on this version of MP3Recorder is much larger and more intrusive than the previous v3.x vesion I was using, both the type of content and the window size.


Hi there,

I have an HP Envy notebook. I have recently downloaded the recorder and used it to record and important call for work. The call had recorded and now i am unable to locate it on my laptop. I opened it using Microsoft windows. how do i locate the file as the conversation was pivotal for finishing completing my thesis. Do the recordings save automatically? and if so where would they be saved to?


Hi I am using 4.6 actually and the files I am generating from Skype are unreadable - file name:
2014_11_17 13-14-35 sassplus Outgoing to echo123 .mp3.id3tag

Have I done something wrong?
Cheers David

Playbacks are overlapping half way through. I usually record up to two hours but notice it'll have me and my partner speaking at the same time .

Skype v.
OS Windows 7 sp1
MP3 Skype recorder v.4.6 

App records only me when I try to use it with my USB headset.
It records no one when I use it with notebook built-in dynamics and mic.
I tried to switch mode to mono and stereo - no difference.

Sound volume becomes less when recording  starts and app pop-up appears.



Hi! I am using 4.6 actually and the files I am generating from Skype are unreadable - file name:
The file extension is .mp3.id3tag
What is the problem? I especially interested in saving my file. It's very important for me.


I was trying to record a podcast through skype using the skype recorder. The problem became that when I went to edit the podcast itself, the audio (and it was only an audio recording) cut off at 47 minutes and a handful of seconds, omitting nearly 45 minutes of audio that takes place afterwards. 
At first, I thought it was a strange limitation. But then I remember I've done recordings with this program before that were nearly 3 hours and had no issues like this. No calls were on hold or disconnected, save for one point early in the recording, which was recorded over with no issue. 
This is massively disappointing because not only do I not have a podcast to put up, but I've wasted a good chunk of other people's time to record audio I can no longer use. 
The OS is Windows 7 and the Skype version is


No v4.11 for Win7 non-admin users.
MP3SkypeRecorder v4.11, Skype   Win7Pro 64bit with latest MS updates
I was running v4.6 and downloaded the 4.11 .msi and executed it under the Administrator user on our PC.  Under admin user, I see the new version starts automatically.  But the individual users (non-admin) still see the 4.6 version.  They cannot upgrade since they are not admin users.  On the UI the "Update" button is showing in red, and doesn't do anything - no action.  Also, I tried running the installer twice, but same problem.

The 4.6 version still seems to work fine.  It records okay, but for example the "Report Problem" is not showing on the UI. 


When I run tools like DebugView or DebugView Plus I get what appears to be error messages from MP3 Skype recorder into the feed:

37 450.038263 6524 MP3SkypeRecorder.exe SQLite error (776): attempt to write a readonly database
38 510.034606 6524 MP3SkypeRecorder.exe SQLite error (776): attempt to write a readonly database
39 720.027510 6524 MP3SkypeRecorder.exe SQLite error (776): attempt to write a readonly database

Thought you might want to know. Looks like the program works fine though.

Best regards,
Arnor Baldvinsson - Icetips Alta LLC

Hi I used your Skype recorder and was happy. However the day before i sent this message. a friend wanted to chat on Skype and when i accepted the call. Chatted and we finished. I then checked the folder for the recording and nothing of the new call no audio was recorded. Only the mp3 of the first call.

I've taken out and reinstalled the software a few times. Updated it to latest version 4.5 and the program doesn't start? Its not running in background.

I've got a windows 8.1 system and Skype software up to date. Can you shed some light as to why the software wont start ?

I have the first 1 of 9 Skype chats to do with someone and id like to have the audio recorder working as soon as possible.

Updated to 4.16 and it defaults to 16000 MHz and 64 bit saving the files to the AppData sub folders.

I have tried to change the save folder to C:\SKYPE and it keeps defaulting back to the AppData folder.
It is not allowing mne to change the sample rate to 44100 MHz or 128 bit.
When I try I get a System.Threading. ThreadExceptioonEventArgs. Same applies to Stereo to Mono.


Dear Alexander,
yesterday evening I got the following problem trying to record a Skype call.
I have Skype version and Mp3 Skype Recorder 4.18
In the past I saw only mp3 file of the ongoing conversation in the folder destination.
On the contrary yesterday evening I saw an ever growing number of little files of this kind: alfabravocharlie1.mp3.idtag alfabravocharlie2.mp3.idtag alfabravocharlie3.mp3.idtag and so on...
What I have to do?
Thanks a lot! Paolo

I am having a similar problem to Paolo. Yesterday when I logged onto my Windows 10 computer it told me to update Mp3 Skype Recorder, so I did, especially because it said it would not work with the latest version of SKype. The computer also told me to update Skype, so I did that too. I made a Skype call and it recorded as ID3 format instead of Mp3. Then my Skype stopped making calls altogether, it just dropped calls and gave me the message "problem with recording device." I had to completely uninstall Mp3 Skype Recorder. I finally got Skype to work again, after realizing it was pointing towards the wrong microphone. But now I'm afraid to mess it up again by reinstalling Mp3 Skype Recorder.
Thanks for any help,

I have the same problem with austin, I can't do anything. The applications not recording. 
I can't open the destination folder. I can't change Same switch sample rates, bit rate and mode.
Please help!
When I try I get a System.Threading. ThreadExceptioonEventArgs.

can't activate the PRO version, please advise

 >>Checking activation key format for XXX-XXX (code taken from email)
>>Connecting to activation server
>>PLS data received:
>>Gathering information for activation
>>Requesting activation
>>step 4 retrying error: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

Hello. That error is returned if your activation code was already used for activation on some other machine. Please contact me by email if you have any further questions mailhelper(at)

 I am trying to reinstall the latest free version. I previously uninstalled the prior version and ow I am getting a message:
the older version of mp3 recorder cannot be removed. contact technical support
suggestions please

 I uninstalled mp3recorder from add/remove programs in win 10.
when I install the new program, it says
"the older version of mp3 Skype recorder cannot be removed."
The program is definitely not running on the PC. I even cleaned out registry fragments using a registry editor.
suggestions please.
I posted this several days ago and have tried all the suggestions below.
There must be some way of removing the old program.
Or, can I try to install an older version.
if so, where can I get it.

Hi I have installed Skype recorder and all seems to be ok.
It says its started recording and when the conversation finished it says its finished recording and the file appears in the folder, but when I go in to listen to it, is is 0 seconds and nothing is there.
The next time I had a conversation, the audio did recorded and these 2 conversations were 2 mins apart.
I was expecting it to record so I could relisten to it, but now I am very disappointed. I don't know why 1 conversation records and the other not.
Please help.

I have installed 4.25 on windows 7. Easy install but it is only recording what is being said on the mic. I am using gigaware headset with mic. So it's only recording my voice and nothing else of the conversation. Ideas?

I'm using v4.25 and I find that it doesn't record when I'm hosting the call.
Would you happen to know why?

Hi, I recently downloaded the app, but I received a call that doesn't show up in the folder despite saying it was recording the whole time.

The most recent file being stored at 19 Oct 2016 at 14:00 (this was a call prior to the one I want).  The folder itself shows that it was modified at 14:43 on this date but the file is nowhere to be found.

Please help!

Running MP3 Skype Recorder v4.28 on Windows 10 Home.
The program works fine for a while, then will stop responding and not record further calls.
When it hangs, there is a small (275 byte) ".id3tag" file in the recording folder.
It may be related to a adding a 3rd or 4th party to the call, but I have many successful multi-party calls recorded properly.
It used to work without fail, but I can't give you a definite version where it stopped working. It may be v4.26, but not sure.
Current Skype version is, but this has happened through many updates.

Thanks for your help...Paul