Firewall and MP3 Skype Recorder

Posted on: Mon, 08/17/2009 - 14:31 By: VOIP

Q: I have encountered problems when I use the Skype recorder.
In our company, some PCs only have restricted internet access, in this case, have no access to your site, but can connect to Skype server, realized by using the WatchGuard firebox. These PCs when using Skype recorder, only get 0kb files. The other PCs which have no internet access limit, function well with Skype recorder. So my question is, in our case, the reason why we get 0kb files is probally because we have limited internet access?
A: What kind of firewalls are you using? It mostly likely that you are using personal (on-computer) firewalls. These firewalls could stop MP3 Skype Recorder from getting Skype sound stream. This connections is local, it connects Skype Recorder and Skype using two TCP ports on your PC. You could configure your firewalls to allow MP3 Skype Recorder to act as server on you PC, to get sound streams from Skype, but still keep it with no access to internet. You will not get updates announcements from my site in this case, but recordings should be OK. I could also recommend you to use hardware firewall, or standalone server with firewall on the entrance/gateway to you local network. This is more convenient and much more secure way to organize firewall defense and will not stop programs like MP3 Skype Recorder and Skype from connecting each over using TCP ports on a local machine.

I just got done recording a very important interview- I checked several times during recording to make sure it still said "recording on". Yet to my horror when I went back to play it, it was gone. Please tell me there is a way to get this back.

 Similar to the earlier issue:

I recorded a conversation/interview on skype. I did not click on open the created mp3 immediately at the end of the conversation. When I looked back at the screen it was no longer displayed so I was unable to open it.
No mp3 of the file appears to have been created.
I can see a file that was created but it has zero bytes and will not open in anything. Is there a way to recover the mp3 from this file or is it lost for good?

I have not got any firewalls (or anti virsus software) in place and test recordsings prior to the interview and after it have worked the only difference was that I immediately clicked on the box when it was displayed. The o.s is XP