Skype signing in problems 22 Dec'10

Posted on: Wed, 12/22/2010 - 22:18 By: VOIP

Today 22 Dec'10 millions of Skype users faced difficulties signing in to Skype. The problem is caused by a large number of Skype "supernodes" taken offline as a result of a bug affecting some versions of Skype app. "Supernodes" are the key of Skype P2P functioning, these clients' machines are coordinators of P2P network. Normally the role of "supernode" is automatically dedicated to Skype clients  by some Skype algorithm, which takes into account computer resources and internet connection bandwidth. Details of the algorithm are not available.

Currently Skype engineers are creating 'mega supernodes' (according to Skype website) and hopefully will resolve the issue in a couple of hours.

More details on the official Skype page.
Skype twitter.


I love your program but it stopped recording calls. I've been successfully using it for over 3 months and suddenly no Skype conversations get recorded. I provided special access to it through the Skype Advanced control panel. The only thing that's changed on my computer is I installed Norton. However, even after disabling the firewall I am unable to record conversations so I'm hoping that ruled out the Norton issue but am not sure.
Please advise on how I can troubleshoot this and get recordings to work again
Using Skype V5.0 / Windows Vista / MP3 Skype Recorder V / Norton V