Skype 6.0 is released.

Posted on: Thu, 10/25/2012 - 11:55 By: VOIP

New Skype 6.0 is released. You can find new version on the Skype download page.

MP3 Skype recorder was tested with the new version, no problems found.

And under Windows 8? I can't install it under W8, .NET framework 2 is needed(even though system does have 4.5 default, IIRC).


Yes you still need .NET Framework 2 on Win8.
Framework 2 will be installed automatically during installation and will not interfere with existing 4.5. It will be used only by the programs targeted to .NET Framework 2 like MP3 Skype recorder. This is the principal of using .NET Framework designed by Microsoft - programs use exact version of Framework, but not the newer one to avoid backward compatibility problems.