New MP3 Skype Recorder v. 4.11 is released

Posted on: Tue, 02/10/2015 - 22:42 By: VOIP
 New version download link - MP3SkypeRecorder.msi
Thank you for your bug reports. It really helps find out bugs and issues and quickly fix them.
Bugs fixed:
- memory leak, potentially program crash.

Ever since the change from my Old skype (3.1) this new interface, there has been a qualitative difference in the mp3 audio recording of my voice.  The other party's voice is recorded clearly, but my voice now sounds distant, in the background, i.e. at a much lower audio level.  

Has anyone noticed this after listening to a recorded call?


I rarely play back messages (the service is set to automatic record as a precaution).

I just did,  however,  after leaving a message.  I hope the other side hears my voice louder than it sounded to me on playback!

HI, Thanks for the program.

I have win7 and 4.11. 

I made a call today to a mobile through Skype but it did not record at all.

The Panel says it is on auto start and say recordomh ON Monitoring  etc

Any ideas why this would be so.



I am using Skype Recorder and am unable to hear the recording of the other side of the conversation.

Please advice.



I have recently installed v 4.11 on my computer. It seems to record (that's the message the MP3 recorder tells me) but I cannot find the recording or it does not play.I have Windows 7. When I installed Mp3 recorder a question popped up if Windows player is to be used and I said yes. But I cannot find the recording there or - at least - when it plays there is no sound (not sure I've found the right recording).

Please advice.


Hi there! I am a new user of your MP3 skype recorder because it is needed for my job! I always turn ON my recorder once I started my work. But now when my boss is asking of my recordings, I just found out that my recording folder is empty. Is there anything that we could retrieve it please? It would be appreciated if you will give me a reply ASAP. Thank you

Hello. Often (but not always) upon completing a call I will receive this error and the call will not save a recording:

If I click "continue" instead of "quit", the program will either repeat the error, or crash, meanwhile that box with the Xs sometimes appears, and I believe that some sort of failure to render.

I've put the error text in this pastebin:

Finally this next pastebin is a big info dump about my hardware:

EDIT: Sometimes I also get THIS error too: