MP3 Skype recorder version 4.19

Posted on: Wed, 02/17/2016 - 08:10 By: VOIP
New MP3 Skype recorder version 4.19 is available.
New features:
- no more echo, audio is retrieved from Skype API audio stream if available
- revisited Conference recording logic, less audio files created, while new user connecting to conference.
Bugs fixed:
- loss of 2 ending seconds of recording fixed.
- on some configuration there was a bug with id3tag files saved instead of mp3 files. It is fixed now. Make sure you are allowing MP3 Skype recorder to access Skype API.

This version has more problems than 4.16 did, and now I can't seem to revert back to any previous versions!

- Audio quality has taken a severe turn for the worse on my end, and it isn't worse on any other recording software so it's definitely this program specifically

- This is actually recording 2 files (one that works and one that doesn't)

- Every time I click "off", I can no longer record anything when I click "on" unless I exit the program and restart it. That wasn't an issue before.

If this is going to be an issue, how can I revert back to a previous version if all the installation files just go straight to 4.19?

 This version was the first that used the Skype API for me. When it does this, Skype (with this and all other Skype recorders I've tried) limits the audio to 8k bandwidth. I think that's why they offer the 16k sampling rate - it matches that audio quality. BUT, if you DON'T allow the recorder to hook into Skype it records with Windows' audio system - and I get a better audio quality with about a 16k bandwidth. No other Skype call recorder allows this!

Is it possible this is happening to you?

From the company:
Actually there is two scenario recorder gets sound. First one, if you do NOT allow to use Skype API the recorder will get audio stream directly from windows audio drivers. Sample rate will match your system settings. There might be echo if you do not use headsets. Second (if you allow to use Skype API) the recorder will get audio stream from Skype, with adjusted audio levels, cleaned from echo, but with 8khz ample rate.

Hi. =]
Quick suggestion (if it's easy to implement):
Could you give the option to choose between Skype API or Windows Audio Driver… specifically for my own audio?
I use headsets, so I'd rather have my mic captured directly and filter my audio myself (so I can get better quality).
The way it is now, if I disable access on Skype, the program captures the conference audio along with any other audio playing in my computer, which is rarely desirable.
Thank you very much.

Arthur Bárbaro