Investigation - empty records on a few systems.

Posted on: Mon, 07/27/2009 - 07:13 By: VOIP

0kb records on a few systems reported. If you have this problem and turning off the personal firewall doesn't help, you can move to the previous version Skype Call Recorder
You can help to trace this problem if you:

  • use the comments below to report the system configuration facing this problem (OS version, Skype version, CPU and memory installed in the system, personal firewall, if any, any other related technical details)
  • send me an email to mail{at} and I'll send you version with debugger in order to trace this bug.

08-26-2009 -- Recording 0 KB on a P-III 500 MHz w/ 768 MB RAM Fresh install (today) XP Pro w/ SP3 -- Windows Firewall is on EXCEPT for Skype, and there is no other firewall. Skype version -- MP3 Skype Recorder [ The first failure message complained about DirectDraw Acceleration on the Display tab of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool... it was not available. Found this ( dxdiag. RADEON 9200 -- removed ATI drivers, rebooted and installed ATI Catalyst 6.11. DirectX Features are now Enabled and they test good. DirectX Version: 9.0c ] Still 0 KB recording...Installed VideoLAN (to match software with my Athlon XP2000+ w/ 512 where skype recorder works perfect).... File reading failed: VLC could not open the file "C:\...\MP3_Skype_Recorder\2009-08-26 time 15_01_54 Outgoing Telephone Call +1npannx1234.mp3". Your input can't be opened: VLC is unable to open the MRL 'C:\...\MP3_Skype_Recorder\2009-08-26 time 15_01_54 Outgoing Telephone Call +1npannx1234.mp3'. Check the log for details. Uninstalled, booted and reinstalled Skype. Uninstalled, booted and reinstalled Skype Recorder.

Windows XP, SP3
Dual Core 2.6 Ghz, 1.5 RAM, GeForce 9800 GT
Only had one recording eff up to 0 Byte, it was the longest of all my recording  (~1 Hour 47 Minutes).
Pretty bad it was this, now I have to re-record everything T.T

Oh forgot to add...
Does the program stores it in a kind of temp folder and then converts it through lame to .mp3 or is this done directly?
Maybe it's still in a temp folder, if there is one.

The installed version of Skype Call Recorder shows as and it displays a comment that I am using an old version. If I download and run the new version (3.2 I think) it gives me an option to "Repair" the installation and if I do, it complains that there is already another update running and that I should first finish that update to "Retry".
I stopped the running version  but the problem remains.
I am happy with the performance of the application as it is; is there a compelling reason to upgrade and if so, how do I overcome this obstacle?

 Go to Control Panel-> Add&Remove Programs look for Skype Call Recorder, select it and then click to uninstall and proceed with uninstallation procedure. Run the installer